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Japanese Master Controls Animals With the Power of Chi

This Japanese Chi Master, Kanzawa Sensei, has the wonderful ability to put animals to sleep by manipulating the chi around him. Although this seems unbelievable, the videos below show clear examples of this practice repeated over and over again. According to many different cultures, chi (prana, ki, qi, or the Great Spirit) is what gives everything life. By controlling your chi, you can overcome illness, enhance your mental ability, or even reduce fatigue. That is why chi is such an important part of both acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. (source) When I first saw this video, it gave me chills. Master Kanzawa puts multiple animals to sleep during times that they refused to rest or even let down their guard. The people who care for these animals are truly surprised by the whole process.

He has a true talent!

Check it out below!

If you don’t mind it in Japanese, here is another video! (h/t: Waking Times)