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Spike Protein

These products are part of Wolfe's Spike Protein Neutralization Strategy. This is a developing collection and products are added or removed as more information is learned. This protocol has nothing to do with viruses or respiratory infections.
CoEnzyme Q10 PQQ
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CoEnzyme Q10 PQQ $60.00 USD
Goji Schizandra Drops $33.00 USD $35.00 USD
Plant-Based Quercetin $38.00 USD $40.00 USD
Coated Silver 5 ml Bottle $125.00 USD $137.00 USD
Supercharged C60® $222.00 USD
Birch Charcoal Capsules $78.00 USD $88.00 USD
Zinc (Liquid)
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Zinc (Liquid) $25.00 USD
ReVein - ReBrain Peptides $99.00 USD $149.00 USD
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ParaX $99.00 USD
The Liver Detox Cleanse Kit $199.89 USD $211.00 USD
The Parasite Cleanse Kit $136.84 USD $147.95 USD
The Heavy Metal Cleanse Kit $286.84 USD $297.95 USD
The Slim Down Cleanse Kit $286.84 USD $297.95 USD
Hangover Helper Kit $153.08 USD $172.00 USD