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Global Healing Products

These are the extraordinary products created by Dr. Edward Group under his Global Healing Brand and manufactured in a State-of-the-Art facility in Phoenix, Arizona.
Plant-Based Quercetin $38.00 USD $40.00 USD
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Paratrex $44.00 USD
CoEnzyme Q10 PQQ
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CoEnzyme Q10 PQQ $60.00 USD
Organic Mushroom Blend $54.97 USD $59.00 USD
Zinc (Liquid)
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Zinc (Liquid) $25.00 USD
Supercharged C60® $222.00 USD
Ultimate Probiotic $75.00 USD $77.00 USD
Brain Health
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Brain Health $49.00 USD
Ultimate Enzymes
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Ultimate Enzymes $55.00 USD