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Supercharged C60®

Supercharged C60

30 vegetarian capsules

"This product is difficult to obtain and produce. My goal is to carry Carbon 60 products that are unique and that I know produce immediate results. I came across this product, even before it was available to the public. I have watched closely the results people have reported from taking this product. This is the only encapsulated C60 product that I currently recommend.

Even though extremely potent, in a crisis situation, one may take as many as 8 capsules of Supercharged C60 a day (4 capsules twice daily preferably on an empty stomach).

I take 1 Supercharged C60 a day on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning with water, a couple times a week. About an hour later, I will drink more water and take 4-5 Kohlbitr capsules of activated charcoal. Supercharged C60 is a profound product and one to have in the arsenal. I am honored to be able to offer it." ~ David Wolfe 

Supercharged C60 is Potent Antioxidant Support for Longevity and Detoxification.

Supercharged C60 is a specialized form of multi-layered fullerene nano-carbon structures that act as a powerful antioxidant.

It’s at least ten times more potent than standard C60 in olive oil.

C60 has been used for years to support detoxification, to enhance the body’s defense against the harmful effects of aging, to promote a healthy immune system, and to support cellular function.

Supercharged C60 is a brand name for a new nanocarbon molecule that has demonstrated incredibly potent antioxidant properties.

  • Supports Detoxification

  • Promotes Health and Longevity

  • Boosts Immune Function

  • Is known to neutralize Graphene Oxide poisoning.

Customer Reviews

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Melody Miller

I ordered the Supercharged C60 to assist with detoxing from secondhand toxins I was absorbing from my environment, graphene oxide, etc. The first time I tried this product I kid you not, I felt my cells jumping for joy. It gave me more energy and my whole body felt more light.