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Skin Therapy: Ozonated Olive Oil

Ozonated Olive Oil Skin Therapy

1.5 ounces (45ml)

Use Ozonated Olive Oil Skin Therapy topically to deliver fresh reactive Oxygen (aka Ozone) directly to where it is needed. Humans and Animals are oxygen breathing organisms and therefore all cells in the body of Humans and Animals require Oxygen to be Healthy and to accelerate Healing. Reactive Oxygen (Ozone) is a primary requirement for Life. 

This Product May Be Used For

 • Dry Skin

 • Eczema / Psoriasis

 • Cuts and Abrasions

 • Skin Inflammation and Irritation

 • Healing Scar Tissue

 • Burns

 • Moisturizing Skin

 • Removing Make-Up and Cosmetics

 • Sunburnt Skin

 • Pet Owners: You may use this product for your pet's skin and facial injuries

Ozone/Oxygen-Infused Skin Care

You know a moisturizer is as fresh as it can possibly be when you need to keep it refrigerated to preserve the natural ingredients. This Ozone-Infused Skin Therapy is just that – an antioxidant-rich balm crafted with organic ozonated olive oil. Uniquely crafted by bubbling ozone through organic olive oil to saturate it with oxygen, Skin Therapy moisturizes like nothing else. Whether you suffer from dry, cracked skin or need a little love for itches and scratches, Skin Therapy can be used for just about any skin-related need. It also boosts your skin's nourishment down deep for a clearer complexion. This product is unscented and perfect for all skin types. Use morning or night as part of your skincare routine or for any cut, scrape, bug bite, or scratch.

Suitable for the Following Skin Types

Oily, combination, mature, sensitive, dry, balanced, blemish-prone.

How To Use

Apply a thin layer to the affected area. Reapply as needed to oxygenate, moisturize, and soothe the skin.

How To Store

For optimal, long-term storage, refrigerate after opening.

How is Ozonated Olive Oil Skin Therapy Made? 

Skin Therapy is produced by bubbling Ozone O3 (produced using medical-grade oxygen) through natural food-grade Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil. This process lasts for a minimum of three weeks until a balm resembling Vaseline is obtained.

Olive oil’s molecular structure allows it to carry a higher concentration of ozone than other oils and so is perfectly suited to this application.

This ozonated olive oil salve is made by an Ozone Technician with over 20 years of professional experience using certified organic, extra-virgin, first pressed, cold-pressed olive oil utilizing a medical grade ozone generator along with medical grade oxygen. 

Product Ingredients

 • Fully Ozonated 100% Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

 • No chemicals, preservatives or GMOs

This Ozonated Oil / Salve is thick and similar in texture to vaseline. As long as the product is saturated in O3 / Ozone it will have an O3 / Ozone smell.

Remember: Ozone is an activated form of Oxygen which is beneficial to all of our oxygen breathing cells.

This is a Vegan product.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Had something itchy on my arm for almost a year. Tried everything and nothing worked. Put this on and two days later the entire area was cleared up and repaired and issue has never returned.


Again Group is a high vibrational creative genius. Best skin product ever. Only other one I use in between is Dr Flanagans face cream