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Peptides Support Your Body Naturally! Here's What You Need To Know!

So what was in your morning smoothie today? Peptides, perhaps? Well, no, not exactly. But if you had some nutrient-dense protein, including essential amino acids, then you may have gotten what you need.

The problem is you may not get exactly what you need in the foods you eat, especially if you're on a vegan diet and not focused on food combining or getting the right supplements.

Fortunately, peptide supplements take advantage of recent advances in peptide technology to give you a boost.

New to peptides?

Have you ever skinned your knee? Peptides helped heal you.

Have you ever felt down and out with a cold or the flu? Peptides helped pick you up again.

Or do you have low thyroid function or poor eyesight? Yes, peptides help with those conditions, too.

What Are Peptides?


You know about protein, of course. And you probably know that when you digest proteins, they get broken down into their smallest parts: amino acids.

Amino acids can be essential or non-essential. Essential amino acids are the ones we must get from our food or, in this case, peptide supplements. The body makes the rest!

Do you know how the body uses amino acids to create hormones, repair tissue, and support your body?


You see, the body takes amino acids and combines them in chains of 10, 20, or 50 amino acids to create a peptide chain. Once you reach 100 amino acids in a chain, scientists call that a protein. (1)

So the amino acids that you eat turn into tools for your body to fight infection, heal wounds, and more.

Peptides come in different lengths and even shapes. Each one has a function in the body, from healing a wound to becoming insulin to supporting joints. Collagen, in particular, relies on peptides to keep your skin, hair, and tendons healthy. (2)

These amino acid chains are made in the body, of course, but we also bring them in through the food we eat. With food combining, for example, you can eat beans and rice for a complete protein.

How Do Peptide Supplements Work?

Whether you're eating protein or taking supplements, the body can put those amino acid chains to work. By consuming peptides in supplement form (vs. complete proteins), the body has an easier job of using those building blocks of the body. (3)

If you are fighting off an infection, you need to put together amino-acid chains for that specific function. If your body needs to break down proteins during digestion first, that's a longer process, and those proteins may actually cause an allergic or inflammatory response. (4)


Essentially, supplemental peptides are chains of amino acids that support specific functions in the body.

Also, researchers create or synthesize peptides in the lab. In the 1920s, researchers first synthesized insulin, a hormone that is a chain of 51 amino acids. So a peptide! This became a resource for patients with type 1 diabetes. (5)

On-going research explores the natural use of amino-acid chains in the body and how these can be synthesized and used therapeutically. (6)

Natural amino-acid chains target a variety of areas in the body that need support.

Intrigued? We were! In fact, when David Wolfe learned more about peptides and the benefits, he decided to find the right products for you.

The Pepts product line represents the first orally-consumable wave of active peptide technology. Specifically, peptide technology uses peptides (short chain proteins) as epigenetic triggers to activate genetic responses that repair and restore tissue. Researchers across the globe have studied this technology for over 30 years, most notably in Russia, Japan, and the United States. (7)

And this strategy goes beyond food and supplementation, as it targets genes that upregulate healthy tissue.

So with cutting-edge, active peptide technology and its great potential, we decided to stock the best we could find.

What's exceptional about these pepts supplements? They include both the nutrients that target specific, high-need areas of the body and the peptide chains to use them. (8)

Explore more about the specific uses of peptides:

ReImmune Peptides

Since your entire body benefits from a functioning immune system, let's start here.

ReImmune is a complex mix of herbal extracts known for supporting a healthy immune system. With our IPH-T short-chain peptide, ReImmune helps maintain a healthy thymus gland for proper lymphoproliferative activity, and components of white blood cells for strong immune support.

ReVision Peptides


Next, let's look at your eyes. ReVision supports eye function by promoting the proper delivery of nutrients like zeaxanthin, anthocyanins, and lutein to the eye. In fact, ReVision combines these important nutrients with the IPH AVN peptide that helps your body use them. In this way, ReVision far exceeds the benefits of regular eye supplements.

ReVision promotes healthy macular vision, visual acuity, and nighttime vision. It also promotes healthy eye vision aging. Peptides research supports vision improvement especially for eye conditions. (9)

ReJoint Peptides

Then we have ReJoint, which focuses on the health of soft tissue, like tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. Further, ReJoint's unique formulation helps maintain healthy bone cells, promotes rapid growth of cartilage, and allows proper inflammatory response.

Pepts ReJoint is a specially formulated mix of high-quality nutrients matrixed with a proprietary IPH AEN short-chain peptide promoting healthy COMP gene function for proper bone and cartilage health.


As with the other pepts supplements, ReMuscle includes essential amino acids that you can't make in the body. This formulation helps maintain proper water and mineral balance, muscle condition, strength, and metabolism and microcirculation in tissues. And keep in mind that the heart is a muscle, too! So the Pepts ReMuscle supports heart health.

Also supporting heart health is the ReVein pepts formulation.

ReVein - ReBrain Peptides


ReVein - ReBrain is a powerful angioprotector and a nootropic. It supports blood vessel tone, maintains healthy smooth muscle of the arterial wall, supports healthy blood vessel elasticity, and healthy blood clotting. Regular use of ReVein - ReBrain optimizes healthy vascular function and supports hemodynamics.

The ReVein - ReBrain formulation supports normal function of the circulatory system. IPH AVN short-chain peptide offers angioprotective and vasoprotective benefits to arteries, veins and capillaries.

ReVein - ReBrain was found to improve VEGF protein by a factor of 4.5. Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) is a signal protein produced by numerous cell types that stimulates the formation of blood vessels.

Please Note: Our peptide products all contain short-chain, natural peptides and do not contain hormones or anabolic steroids. Also, they are not fully vegan.