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Fed Up With Thieves Stealing His Deliveries, He Rigged A Box To Do THIS!

There is nothing more frustrating than getting packages stolen. One man in Tacoma, Washington decided to do something about it. Jaireme Barrow rigged an Amazon delivery box for thieves: a firing mechanism armed with a blank 12-gauge shotgun shell attached to a string. Once a potential thief picks up the box, the shell fires.

This is Jaireme, the inventor.


This is his box.

“Last two months I’ve had four packages come up missing and I just wanted some way to even the score,” Jaireme said. “This is the best way I see fit.”

This is what it looks like inside the box.

The box sounds terrifying but it harmless. His intention is to scare people away from these illegal activities. He wants to teach them a lesson.
“You know, you’re at work and you’re working hard and you’ve got these people out there that make a daily routine of running around and stealing packages,” he said. “There’s no real way to prevent it so this is my solution.”

This is a potential thief learning her lesson.

The end result, nothing gets hurt except this shell.

stealing Watch here: