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Warning: Woman Suffers 3rd Degree Burns After Preparing this Summer Fruit!

Limes are a fantastic health food, and many people like to add them to their drinks, or use them in homemade health products. However, the powerful ingredients found in limes can do damage as well. This is what Morgan Moore found out when she was squeezing limes in preparation for a party she was having. She rinsed off her hand when she was finished, but didn’t give them a good wash. (Makes total sense — no one is worried about rinsing off lime juice.) Meghan told CBS in the video below: “I went under the sink and kind of rinsed it off but I didn’t thoroughly wash it off and then I went out in the sun and I didn’t put any sunscreen on anywhere 'cause I was only out for 30 minutes. It was probably one of the worst pains I’ve ever felt. It was bad.” The next day, her hands were completely burned.

Take a look at the video below! What happened to Morgan is called phytophotodermatitis. Basically, the lime juice reacted with the sun and her skin and caused a severe burn. Worst of all, the reaction starts 24 hours after exposure and it peaks 48 to 72 hours later. Limes can also permanently color and darken your skin.

So, if you are working with limes, wash your hands before going into the sun!