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Are You in the Midst of a Spiritual Awakening? 15 Signs to Look for!

Spiritual awakening or spiritual enlightenment is a complex set of ideas that don't have one singular definition, because everyone experiences them differently. Some view the experience as a dissolution of one's identity as a separate self, leaving no trace of ego behind. Spiritual awakening can be a shift in consciousness where an individual experiences self-realization and point of view is permanently changed. This change can be hard to recognize while it's occurring, but the following are some of the common signs that you may be experiencing a spiritual awakening:

1. A Change in Sleep Patterns

You may find yourself needing more sleep to avoid feeling fatigued, or being able to function normally on less sleep than usual.

2. Activity at the Crown of the Head

A sense of vibrating on top of the head can be a signal of spiritual awakening. You may experience a tingling or itchy feeling, or crawling sensations along the scalp or down the spine.

3. Emotions That Appear Suddenly

You may find yourself angering easily, breaking down in tears over something small, or feeling sad when there really isn't a reason behind it. A spiritual awakening can feel like you're stuck on an emotional roller coaster.

4. Changes in Weight

Your weight may fluctuate one way or the other for no apparent reason. This could be your body's reaction to trying to build up a defense against the increasing frequencies in the body.

5. Things From the Past Emerging

People you've lost touch with may suddenly show up back into your life, or problems that you've already worked through may seem to arise once again. You're faced with the task of choosing whether or not to open old doors.shutterstock_230636899

6. Strange Cravings

Loss of appetite or sudden gain of appetite can be a sign of spiritual awakening. If your eating habits suddenly change and you start to experience strange cravings, it could be a sign that something is changing within you.

7. New Allergies

Growing more spiritual causes you to become more sensitive to everything around you. Your body may develop new allergies or an intolerance to certain foods to cleanse itself of toxins.

8. Physical Manifestations

Symptoms that seem to come out of nowhere, such as headaches, back aches, neck pains and flu-like symptoms can be the body's way of working through changes. Be sure to see a doctor if needed.

9. Intense Energy

You may get a sudden burst of energy which causes you to feel heated from head to toe. It can feel uncomfortable but it is a temporary sensation.

10. Heightened Senses

You may experience increased sensitivity during a time of spiritual awakening. Some see brilliant colors and geometric shapes when they close their eyes. Colors may appear more vivid in the world around you, and you may become more observant. shutterstock_86749960

11. Experiencing Vivid Dreams

You may experience life-life dreams that leave you confused upon waking. Many dreams can carry messages for you.

12. Life-Altering Events

Forces that you can not ignore — love, death, illness — may be trying to awaken you. These events may cause you to examine who you are and what you really want.

13. A Desire to Break Free

You may start to feel extremely trapped, whether it's in a relationship or at a job you hate. Your desire to get out and break free may feel overwhelming. You feel a compelling need to find yourself and figure out what you want your life to mean.

14. Confusion

Emotional or mental confusion can occur during a spiritual awakening. You may suddenly feel like your life is a mess and you need to figure things out. Remember to slow down, breathe and don't let the feeling overwhelm you.

15. Bursts of Creativity

You may experience sudden creativity in the form of images, ideas, music or art. You feel inspired, and struggle to keep up with your creative flow. h/t: expanded consciousness