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This Simple Image Test Reveals How Rare Your Personality Is!

Not all personalities are created equal. Sure, we are all unique, but there are some personalities that stick out more than others. For example, extroverts tend to stand out a bit more than introverts. This is due to the fact that extroverts are more likely to interact with new people and try new things. Introverts, on the other hand, do things better alone and are more likely to stay within their comfort zone. Now, this isn't to say that extroverts are better than introverts. Both personality traits have their benefits and disadvantages. Ultimately, extroversion and introversion are just one small part of the bigger personality picture. So, what does a rare personality look like. Those with rare personalities are natural leaders, possess higher than average intelligence, and are multi-talented. People in this group include Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, or Nicola Tesla.

So, do you have a rare personality? Take this quiz to find out!

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