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10 Signs Your Soul Is Experiencing Spiritual Death

Is your soul experiencing spiritual death? There are ten signs you need to be on the lookout for...

Everyone's soul goes through different phases in life. Two of these phases for a soul are life and death. Over time our souls change to reflect our actions and our current situation. However, when we are unhappy with this situation and are in need of a change our souls can go through a spiritual death. Thankfully, after most people have such a terrible breakdown of their spirit, these same people tend to go through a spiritual rebirth. The saying "When one door closes another one opens," can refer to these types of spiritual deaths and rebirths. Because while we may not like the path we are on and we may go through a spiritual death, it is the changes we've made after the fact that will allow us to have a rebirth. Do you think you are going through spiritual death?

#1 You are worn out all the time.

You are constantly exhausted and nothing can make you wake up or feel better in any way. This fatigue isn't connected to anything you can think of. You just feel mentally, emotionally, and physically drained.

#2 You don't feel accepted anywhere you go.

Everywhere you go you have this uncomfortable sense like you don't belong there. It feels like you don't fit in and that you aren't meant to be there. This awkward feeling sometimes forces you to even leave social settings because you just felt so out of place there.

#3 You feel like you're helpless.

Often you feel like you're stuck in a rut, and you could never change your life. You don't feel like you have control over even the smallest parts of your life. You may even feel powerless, and that feeling can be deeply frustrating. This helpless feeling is a sign that you're ready for a change.

#4 You feel like your life doesn't have meaning.

Do you feel as though you are just going through life? Or maybe you feel that you're not accomplishing anything important. You want your life to have meaning, so you wake up every day wishing that your life had more of an impact upon the world. Because you wish you were doing something more important or interesting, you're deeply unsatisfied with your current calling in life.

#5 You keep doubting yourself and having second thoughts.

It's not that you don't trust your gut. This time your gut is telling you that what you're doing isn't what you want. In fact, you keep doubting yourself and having second thoughts about what you're doing. Why? Well, you're just unsure whether you're on the right overall path in life. You will continue to doubt yourself until it chips away at your soul to the point where it dies and is reborn again.

#6 You feel like you're stretched too thin.

You have too much stuff going on at once right now. Normally it wouldn't bother you to have a full workload but when you're experiencing spiritual death, the multiple directions your thoughts are pulling you in stretch you way too thin. You won't be fully committed to one thing because of the doubt you are having in your current life path. When you aren't fully committed to something you tend to take on lots of extra things that distract you and you end up having too much stuff on your plate. This is part of the death and rebirth function. When you have too much on your plate you have to cut loose what you don't want. Such is your spiritual rebirth.

#7 You feel like you aren't living up to your full potential.

Our soul is the biggest victim when it comes to self-criticism. When you criticize yourself, you chip away at your soul. And when we are headed towards a spiritual rebirth, we will criticize ourselves even more. We know that we aren't living up to our potential when this happens, yet this is part of what drives us to remake ourselves spiritually. When we set ourselves on the right path, we can begin to be reborn and we can reach our true potential.

#8 You feel like you're in a vicious cycle.

Sometimes we can feel like we're stuck in a permanent rut. This is especially true when we aren't doing what we really want to be doing in life. When something is slowly chipping away at our soul and making us go through a spiritual rebirth, the dying process can feel repetitive and terrible. For us to realize we need to change our ways, we have to be shown repeatedly that we aren't following the right path. The more stubborn we are, the longer it takes. Unfortunately, sometimes it can feel like we'll be stuck feeling that way forever. Thankfully though, when you finally go through a spiritual rebirth, you will feel free from this cycle.

#9 You feel empty inside.

It almost feels like there is a piece of you missing. Sometimes you might feel like there's a big hole where your heart or your stomach should be. This feeling is a physical manifestation of much of the stress you've been dealing with. Whether the stress is caused simply from you being down the wrong path or from life events that have helped chip away at your soul over the years.

#10 Your thoughts keep you awake at night.

When you try to go to sleep the only thing you can think about are the last 9 things on the list. When you try to sleep you can't help but feel restless. It feels like there's something you need to do. That something is a spiritual rebirth and a mental revamping of your life. When you finally decide to change the path you're going down and start following your heart's true desires. As you encounter some of the challenges of spiritual death, your soul is simply going through a process that leads to a better understanding of life. Does your soul age? Find out where you may be on your journey.