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The 4 Zodiac Signs That Will Be The Happiest In 2018

There will be four Zodiac signs that will be the happiest in 2018 - is your sign on the list?

Your Zodiac sign unlocks many secrets about your subconscious and your energy levels. One thing your Zodiac sign can tell you is how happy you'll be next year. There are four Zodiac signs in particular who are guaranteed to have a happy 2018. These four signs will be much happier than usual throughout the rest of this year. Is your sign one of the four lucky Zodiac signs that will be happiest in 2018?

#1 Gemini

2018 is going to be the year that you finally find your independence. In the past you've always tried to be as independent as possible. However, you haven't been able to rely completely on your self in years past even though you've been working on it. For those Geminis out there who value their self-reliance and freedom - you will find what you are looking for in 2018. This newfound independence will make you happier than you ever thought you could be. Use this new power to your advantage, work on your self-confidence and allow this momentum to power you through the new year.

#2 Leo

This year you will truly believe in yourself. While you normally try to keep your ego in check, this year will confirm your place as king of the jungle. 2018 is the year where things start going your way and you finally start to move on from failures from the past. This year you need to focus on the present and the future and completely let go of the past. The energy you will have this year will power you through and you will gain a lot from staying focused on the present. You can get a lot accomplished in 2018 if you just keep your eyes on the prize and don't get distracted by the small stuff.

#3 Libra

You will finally find serenity and peace in the year 2018 and this will make you very happy. The reason this will make you especially happy is because last year was chaotic. You remember all the lessons you've learned from your stressful year but now it is time to soak up the serene vibes from 2018 and relax. 2018 is going to be a tranquil and serene year for you if you can just remember the mistakes you've made and try not to repeat them. The biggest part of the battle when trying to maintain our serenity and peace is in our own heads and this year is the year we can easily win that battle. Take time to appreciate the beauty in life. If you take the time to stop and smell the roses you will be even happier than you could have imagined.

#4 Sagittarius

New opportunities will be abound this year for you. 2018 is the year that Sagittarius can make some big moves. You might be hesitant to seize upon the plethora of opportunities that will present themselves this year considering all the changes you already went through in 2017. However, if you can seize the day and make everything you can out of the new and strange opportunities this year will bring, you won't regret it. Make this a year of new beginnings. You can count on 2018 to bring you a renewed faith in life. You will be hopeful for the future again, maybe for the first time in a long time.