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Pimento Essential Oil: 9 Health Uses

Pimento, also known as Allspice, is a large evergreen tree native to the Carribbean Islands and South America. The name Allspice comes from the description of its scent, which is a mixture of clove, cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, and a few others. One of pimento’s botanical names is Pimento Officinalis, the suffix of which is indicative of medicinal properties. (1) Learn about the numerous benefits of pimento essential oil by reading below. pimento essential oil seeds

Here are 9 health uses of pimento essential oil:

1. Anesthetic Properties

Pimento essential oil has a local numbing/anesthetic effect, and as such, you can use it to relieve pain. It works great for neuralgia, bone and muscular injuries, joint pain, as well as pain from insect bites or bee stings. (2)

2. Reduces Pain

With its numbing abilities, pimento prevents pain reach the brain or be felt by your nerves. As you can imagine, this is helpful in several conditions, such as wounds, headaches, colds, arthritis, and gout, to list a few. Furthermore, pimento essential oil won’t have any lasting dulling effects on your nerves or brain, nor does it have any negative side effects on the heart, unlike most analgesics on the market. (3) pimento essential oil reduces pain

3. Detoxifies Body

Our bodies have free radicals that carry active oxygen and speed up the oxidation of cells, which promotes aging. But with its antioxidant properties, pimento oil can help slow down aging by neutralizing these free radicals as well as repair the damage they’ve done. (4)

4. Bacterial Infections

Pimento oil also has antibacterial agents, making it useful for fighting off tetanus, staph, and other bacterial infections. Septic and tetanus infections can spread very quickly, leading to severe convulsions, muscular cramps, inability to breathe, and in some cases, may even cause mental illnesses. (5, 6) Use pimento essential oil to help fight off these dangerous infections.

5. Flatulence

pimento essential oil reduces flatulence Intestinal gas can be painful and in extreme cases, even fatal. Gas presents itself in an array of unpleasant symptoms, such as indigestion, unrest, stomach aches, bloating, hiccups, chest pain, high blood pressure, and heart problems. And if gas becomes trapped in certain places, it can press against organs and cause death. Pimento oil, however, can give you relief from gas by easing it out as well as prevent future problematic gas from forming. (7)

6. Reduces Stress

This substance has a relaxing effect on the muscles, nerves, blood vessels and brain. That being the case, it’s effective in treating anxiety, depression, managing stress levels, as well as decreasing feelings of anger or mental unrest. It may also work to calm nervous afflictions and convulsions. (8)

7. Relieves Stiff Muscles

Pimento oil is a rubefacient, meaning it can increase the circulation of blood below the skin. In that, it brings about a touch of red, particularly to the face. And with this ability, pimento essential oil is great for treating painful afflictions, such as stiff muscles and rheumatism. However, you’ll want to be careful in dosage, as heavier amounts ma irritate the skin. (9)

8. Stimulates Blood Circulation

As pimento is a rubefacient, it can stimulate blood circulation. However, it can also stimulate the secretion of hormones, enzymes, digestion, as well as other functions in the body. This helps maintain proper metabolism, as well as stimulates the growth of cells and generation of new cells. (10)

9. Acts as a Tonic

Pimento essential oil makes for a great tonic, toning the liver, spleen, stomach as well as the nervous system. It also tones the immune system, which can help protect the body from various illnesses. (11)

Warnings Regarding Pimento Essential Oil:

This oil may cause irritation in the mucus membrane, as well as on the skin if used in heavy concentrations or high doses. As such, be sure to use a low concentration, and keep doses low. Pregnant women should avoid using this oil.