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This Is What Your Birth Season Reveals About Your Personality

The season you were born in -- your birth season -- holds many secrets to your personality...

Everyone knows that your Zodiac sign reveals incredible things about your personality and compatibility. However, did you know that your birth season -- the season you were born in -- also has a major impact on your personality? Nature has a deep impact on your personality, and the season you were born in can tell you a lot about yourself. You will naturally be inclined to certain things depending upon the time of year you were born. What does the season that you were born into say about your personality? Find out by finding your birth season from the list below.

What your birth season reveals about your personality


If you were born in the Winter, typically anywhere from mid November through the end of February, you're probably a hard worker and a go-getter. The flip side to this is that people born in the Winter time can be extremely critical of themselves. Winter babies have high expectations for themselves and when they don't achieve what's expected they can get depressed. You are a hard worker and you accomplish your dreams consistently. However, one little bump in the road can sometimes seem like it's the end of the world. What can be a small frustration for some people is a daunting annoyance to those of us who were born during the Winter.


After Winter, from the beginning of March until the end of May, come Spring babies. People who were born in the Spring time are generally have a sunny disposition and a positive outlook on life. Being born in the Spring gave you an adventurous and bright spirit. You tend to be the most cheerful person in the room, and people constantly look to you for inspiration and encouragement. As such, you are always supportive to your friends and family. In return they are always happy to have you around because you brighten up their day. You are a highly emotional person and you have sympathy for just about everyone. The only thing that can get you down is when something truly upsets you emotionally - like a fight with a close friend.


Summer babies, born any time from the beginning of June until the end of August, are some of the most loving people you know. Being born in the warmest season of the year has given you an exceptionally warm soul. You are loving and caring and you can't stand to see anyone in pain or disadvantaged. People normally tell you that you have a big heart but you feel like it is natural to caring and selfless. You are so passionate that at times you can get ahead of yourself. Causes you care about can often get you emotional and you can be highly competitive. You are so loyal and caring that you will defend your cause to no end.


Fall babies are born after summer any time from the beginning of September until mid November when Winter begins. People who were born in Fall tend to have a good perspective on life. You are stable and reliable and it leads to people relying on you more than you would like sometimes. You tend to have your life together more than most people because you're goal-oriented. You've achieved a lot in your life and you have a lot to be proud for. You didn't waste time, energy, or money of frivolous things like other people have. Sometimes you can get annoyed by people who get caught up in foolish and impractical endeavors. And you also sometimes have trouble feeling sorry for people who can't progress because they're constantly preoccupied with petty things.