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Rue Essential Oil: 9 Uses & Benefits

Rue essential oil is extracted by steam distillation from Rue plants, which have been a source of homeopathic medicine for centuries. Rue is actually very poisonous, which is the quality that makes it useful as a natural medicine. The oil boasts anti-arthritic, anti-rheumatic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and insecticidal properties. (1)

Rue Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

1. Eliminates Fungal Growth

Rue essential oil has anti-fungal properties that can help kill fungal growth both inside and outside the body. The oil provides protection against various fungal infections such as Athlete's foot, dermatitis and even food poisoning. (2)

2. Works as an Antidote to Poison

The poisonous properties of rue oil actually come in handy as a natural antidote for other poisons. Rue essential oil can can be used to counteract poisonous substance and induce vomiting if poison is ingested. The oil is particularly useful against narcotics, venomous snake bites, insect bites and bee stings.

3. Kills Bacteria

Rue essential oil has natural antibacterial properties that can help protect the body from infections. Rue oil can be taken orally in very mild concentrations under the supervision of an expert to help rid the body of bacteria such as salmonella. (3) Rue essential oil flower

4. Repels Insects

Rue oil has natural insecticidal properties due to its toxic nature. The oil is poisonous to insects, which helps drive them away. Use rue oil in vaporizers, fumigants, burners or incense sticks as an insect repellent.

5. Relieves Arthritis Pain

Rue essential oil has a slight numbing effect which can help relieve arthritis pain. The oil works by desensitizing the nerves to reduce pain in the joints associated with rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. (4)

6. Works as a Sedative

Rue essential oil has a neurotoxic nature that acts as a sedative to help calm nervous afflictions. The oil can be used as a natural sedative for convulsions, stress, anxiety and other nervous disturbances. Rue essential oil sedative

7. Improves Digestion

The antibacterial and sedative properties of rue essential oil can help improve digestion by providing relief from indigestion. The oil fights against bacterial infections and activities that can cause digestive issues.

8. Works as an Anti-hysteric and Anti-epileptic

As a nervous sedative, rue essential oil can help counteract epileptic and hysteric attacks. The neurotoxins present in the oil work to numb the nerves and promote a calm environment.

9. Heals Skin Problems

Rue essential oil can help resolve skin issues caused by bacteria and fungus. The oil works to reduce swelling and disinfect the skin. It can help treat boils and warts as well as inflammation from insect bites and stings. (5) Caution: Rue oil can irritate the skin and the mucus membranes. It is a phototoxic and a neurotoxic essential oil. Pregnant women should not use rue oil as it has not been proven safe and may cause problems with pregnancy.