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Moms Transform Breastfeeding Selfies Into Beautiful Works of Art

A new viral trend has mothers everywhere transforming their breastfeeding selfies into art masterpieces.

Known on Instagram as #treeoflifebreastfeeding, women are sprucing up their everyday “brelfies” (breastfeeding selfies) into beautiful artwork. While we already know that breastfeeding is a beautiful gift to mothers and their babies, but these works of art are gifts to families everywhere. So how do they do it? Using an app called PicsArt, moms can add colorful images of trees to their brelfies, weaving them into the photos, like this one: breastfeeding selfies The above picture was posted by Beth Morlino, who said, “I decided to do a #TreeOfLife image because this picture represents what breastfeeding means to me: beauty, nourishment, bonding and growth for both my son and myself.” In addition to the beauty, the new trend is also helping end the stigma associated with breastfeeding. In fact, famous model Natalia Vodlanova, who’s posted brelfies before, joined the movement: Check out these other #treeoflifebreastfeeding masterpieces. Of course, there are over 7,000 other for you to check out on IG, too! Save