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Jalapenos: 5 Benefits & Uses

Great in dips, salsas, and homemade breads, jalapenos are certainly known for their versatility. They’re relatively small but pack a lot of heat, and are a favorite among many in the hot-pepper eating world. What’s more, these spicy, dark green peppers contain nutrients that can help improve your health. For example, jalapenos health benefits include fighting cancer as well as preventing growth of bacteria. You can learn more about jalapenos benefits by reading below. jalapenos benefits

Here are 5 jalapenos health benefits:

1. May Help Fight Cancer

Jalapenos benefits start with the ability to fight cancer. This is due to the capsaicin present in jalapenos, which may help treat cancer. According to Luohe Medical College in China, capsaicin can stop the growth of tumors. It does this by turning off the protein that promotes their growth. In particular, capsaicin inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells. (1) Other research supports jalapenos benefits regarding cancer treatment, as well. Capsaicin has been shown to change the expression of several genes involved in the growth and spreading of cancer cells. (2)

2. Aids Weight Loss

Another way jalapenos benefits come into play is through the ability to boost metabolism. This is helpful if you’re trying to lose weight. And, once again, this health benefit is due to the capsaicin found in jalapenos. Capsaicin raises your core body temperature, which boosts your ability to burn calories. And the spicy quality of jalapenos benefits appetite control, as well. They may suppress your appetite somewhat, making you eat less. As jalapenos health benefits include the ability to boost your metabolism, consider adding them to your weight loss diet plan.

3. Prevents Bacteria Growth

Capsaicin is in the spotlight again, as jalapenos benefits continue with the ability to fight bacteria growth. Researchers evaluated capsaicin’s effect on Bacillus subtilis. They found that the growth of this bacteria was significantly inhibited due to capsaicin. Furthermore, the same study showed that capsaicin slowed the growth of E. coli. (3) Jalapenos benefits concerning bacterial growth were evaluated in other studies, as well. One study looked at capsaicin’s effect on streptococcus pyogenes, or GAS. The study found that capsaicin can prevent the formation and spread of infection to deep tissues. (4) Jalapenos health benefits include fighting bacteria. As such, consider consuming them on a regular basis to help keep your body free from bacterial infections. jalapenos benefits

4. Prevents Colds and Promotes a Strong Immune System

Did you know that the jalapeno pepper has more vitamin C than an orange? As such, jalapenos benefits extend to your immune system, as well. This is because vitamin C gives an impressive boost to your immune system by producing white blood cells. In particular, a lack of vitamin C has a link with pneumonia. Research shows that vitamin C actually prevents pneumonia as well as help those who have pneumonia recover faster. (5) To keep from developing pneumonia and reap jalapenos health benefits, try adding them to cornbread or stews.

5. Treats Migraine Headaches

Jalapenos benefits continue with the ability to treat migraines. This is another area in which capsaicin applies. It can release pain peptides, which can reduce can eliminate neuropathic pain. In fact, studies show that more than half of those with migraines who were treated with capsaicin saw a reduction of pain during attacks of mild to moderate intensity. For those who experience scalp tenderness, topical application of capsaicin may help as well. (6) To reap jalapenos benefits, add them to a variety dishes as you see fit. However, you’ll want to test a small amount first to see how much heat you can tolerate.