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Pick A Feather To Reveal A Hidden Part Of Your Personality

What goes on in your subconscious can say a lot about your personality. In this fun article, we'll take a look at how your subconscious preference of one image over another can provide a hint at hidden aspects of your personality. To start, pick a feather from the image above. Try not to think too deeply about it – just pick the feather that catches your eye first.

Which Feather Speaks to Your Personality?

If you picked feather #1...

feather 1 personality You're a peaceful person who doesn't care much for being around drama. You tend to get along with just about everyone you know, which sometimes leads to people referring to you as too "soft" because of your kindness and your desire to help those in need.

If you picked feather #2...

feather 2 personality You have a very sharp mind and pick up on new concepts quite easily. Perfection is key to you. This sometimes gets you into trouble due to the fact that you expect others around you to achieve perfection as well. You can also tend to unintentionally come across as detached, which makes it important for you to continually tell your loved ones that you care.

If you picked feather #3...

feather 3 personality You love to take risks and maintain a high level of ambition in life. Further, you love being independent and self-sufficient. In light of this, try to make an effort to pay attention to your friends more often as your independence might occasionally make them feel as though you don't need them at all.

If you picked feather #4...

feather 4 personality Your personality contains a mixture of untamed imagination and boldness. You're always ready to come up with a brilliant solution to any problem life throws at you. Because of your brilliance and quick-witted nature, some friends may see you as authoritarian, although you don't intend to come across that way.

If you picked feather #5...

feather 5 personality You are a deeply artistic, introverted and creative person who is capable of much greatness. Unfortunately, you lack the confidence required to let your creative side grow to its full potential. Accepting this is key. Once you increase your confidence, you'll be thoroughly surprised at what you're capable of.
Of course, a feather may not speak to you. Instead, check out this modified Myers-Briggs Test for more insight into your personality traits.