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c60 Olive Oil is Back along with THE BEST EVER Hemp Seed Oil

We are happy to announce c60 olive oil is back in stock and should be here to stay. As you may know, c60 (carbon 60) was extremely difficult to find the past few months. Lucky for us and our wonderful customers, we had stocked up and only ran out of c60 olive oil for about a week. Our other flavors did go out of stock but we don't anticipate that happening again anytime soon. We've got an incredible source for c60 and a few surprises on the way that could be real game-changers.

We have carried the organic c60 hempseed oil before and now we've upgraded it to be the Andreas Seed Oils Hempseed oil. Yes, our line of Andreas oils is back in stock and we've infused our c6o with their hempseed oil! Andreas oils are simply the best quality and are the product of brilliant engineering. The are the definition of premium and in combination with our c60 powder your body will love you like never before. Our typical organic hempseed oil is quality but in all honesty, it dos not begin to touch the quality of the Andreas Hempseed oil.

If you feel like treating yourself, now is the time. We opened up sales of this c60 oil to our Inner Circle members first. We are going to open it up to our newsletter subscribers next. It won't last long but we will try to keep it in-stock as long as possible. Andreas Seed Oils was on backorder by the end of the holidays and our hope is that it should be back now. The safe bet would be to secure a couple c60 hempseed oil bottles while you can.

c60 coconut oil is still currently out-of-stock. This product takes much longer to blend. We sell it in 100ml form and recommend it for topical use. Selling it as a tincture is difficult because the coconut oil solidifies. Plus, coconut oil is the best of our oils for the skin. Thank you for your patience.

Finally, we will be adding a couple more flavors to be announced. 

As stated earlier, we have some major announcements coming soon on the c60 end of things that could change the entire industry. Our aim is to lead, innovate and popularize this product so everyone can give it a try. If you love c60 and it's many benefits, feel free to let us know in our product reviews section on the product page.