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Can You Use C60 Oil Topically?


Although studies have revealed many benefits to ingesting the substance, can you use C60 olive oil topically? What benefits would you get from doing so? Are there any risks? And what other c60 oils are best for topical use?

Let's explore these questions and more here.

First things first...

What Is C60?

The C60 buckminsterfullerene is a nanoparticle that gained popularity as a supplement following a 2011 study by French researchers indicating its potential to increase the lifespan of mammals.

In this study, researchers observed Carbon 60 mixed with olive oil increasing the lifespan of mice by 95%. (1)

David Wolfe's research has indicated that most longevity studies fail to increase the lifespan of test subjects by even seven percent.

This goes to show just how incredible C60 is.

But that's not all C60 oil is good for. Other studies have shown C60's effectiveness for everything from treating arthritis (2) to protecting nerves (3) and fending off UV ray damage (4).

This is in addition to the many scientific and industrial uses for the C60 molecule.

But what you may not know is that C60 charcoal has been present in the beauty industry for a very long time.

Can You Use C60 Oil Topically?

Research would suggest that yes, C60 charcoal can be used topically. 

Independent researcher Kae Elmer compiled (5) quite an impressive list of studied benefits derived from using C60 topically.

These include:

  • Treatment of acne
  • Moisturization
  • Tightening of pores
  • Hair growth
  • Reduction of wrinkles

Elmer specifically references the Vitamin C60 BioResearch Corporation (6), a Japanese company that has been studying the benefits of topical C60 use since 2005 – years before the mice study that got everyone excited about the molecule.

Dr. Leslie Baumann, writing for Dermatology News (7), confirms the above mentioned benefits of C60 for topical use while noting the following as well:

  • Antiviral abilities
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Anti-oxidation

Let's explore some of these benefits in brief detail, along with the associated studies.

C60 And Reduced Wrinkles

C60 Olive Oil Wrinkles

In one 2010 study (8), researchers dissolved C60 fullerene in olive oil.

They then proceeded to give the mixture to 23 Japanese women in their late 30s. The randomized, double-blind eight-week study found that the C60 mixture was significantly more successful at reducing wrinkles than the placebo.

Thus, the researchers recommended the use of C60 as an anti-wrinkle agent in their report.

C60 And Reduced Acne

As part of a study in 2014 (9), researchers applied C60 fullerene topically to test subjects twice a day.

They found that the number of acne boils on the test subjects fell 87.6% through the eight-week process.

C60 And Hair Growth

C60 Olive Oil Hair Loss

For many middle-aged adults, this may be the most exciting effect of using C60 Charcoal topically.

In a study conducted by the Vitamin C60 BioResearch Corporation, researchers applied a C60 solution to the heads of 16 men twice a day.

At the end of the six month test period, the researchers noted that hair growth increased by 16% with the C60 solution.

Risks Of Using C60 Charcoal Topically

You're probably thinking that there must be a catch to using C60 topically. Surely nothing could provide this many benefits without also coming with some nasty side effects.

The good news is that, as far as research has shown us – and there is a ton of research – C60 is not toxic to any mammal.

Fathi Moussa – one of the researchers who discovered C60's life-extension properties – confirms this in the video below.

However, when using C60 topically, there are still some considerations you should take.

For one, C60 will temporarily stain your clothes. It's important to know this as you apply C60 to a problem area, particularly if that area comes into contact with your outfit.

You should also take care to ensure you are applying the C60 effectively on your skin.

As Kae Elmer points out, applying too much on any one area of your skin may cause the C60 to simply dry up, flake and fall off your skin.

Instead, apply a thin layer of the C60 on the problem area. Take note of how it dissolves into your skin throughout the day to ensure you're not wasting the C60 by putting too much excess on your skin.

It's also important to make sure you're using a quality C60 solution. 

Most studies into the effects of C60 have combined the fullerene with olive oil. Olive oil provides several health benefits of its own and is a good vehicle for delivery of the C60.

The Wolfe-Carbon-Detox blend contains a proprietary mixture of quality organic oil and the C60 fullerene.

Each batch is inspected thoroughly to ensure a consistent blend of the C60 and olive oil.

To learn more about the other benefits of C60 oil, visit the Wolfe-Carbon-Detox page here.

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