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The Heavy Metal Cleanse Kit

Improve your heavy metal detox regimen with our new Heavy Metal Cleanse Kit! 

Calcium Disodium EDTA provides powerful support for our body’s natural ability to detoxify heavy metals, plaques and inorganic mineral overload (e.g. calcium buildup in the wrong places). This product has been specifically formulated to promote cardiovascular and immune health, the formula uses advanced MicroSomal™ technology to boost effectiveness and bioavailability, so that you can grab more benefits from your daily detox (chelation) regimen.

Crystal Energy liquid, contains zeolite and improves hydration potential in the body.

Activated Charcoal – Kohlbitr, a super-detoxifier, filters out toxins while supporting toxin elimination processes.

Ozonated Activated Charcoal is revolutionizing gut health with its potent toxin-binding properties to help remove microplastics and heavy metals out of the body.

Shilajit is a complex mineral resin sourced from high elevations in the most pristine parts of the world. This ancient super nutrient has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Tartarian medicine to not only heal the body of specific deficiencies, but also activate full cellular potential. This may be the most powerful adaptogen available on the market, helping us adapt to stresses of all types. Shilajit has been shown to enhance sluggish metabolism and assists mitochondria with energy production.

Revitalize your thyroid with the powerful cleansing properties of Detoxadine iodine. This natural mineral protects against harmful contaminants often found in our daily lives, such as fluoride, chlorine, and bromine.