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Organic Tocotrienols Powder (aka Rice Bran Solubles)

12 ounces bag size

Tocotrienols represent the other half of the total Vitamin E complex. The overall Vitamin E complex consists of both: alpha, beta, gamma, delta Tocopherols (commonly known) and alpha, beta, gamma, delta Tocotrienols (still a relatively big secret). 

Our alpha, beta, gamma, delta Tocotrienols powder is harvested from U.S.-based farms. Our Tocos Powder is separated from its insoluble fiber without using heat or chemicals.

Add 1-3 tablespoons to water, juice, tea, coffee, nut milk, a dessert recipe, an elixir or a smoothie. Tocos are an incredible superfood and creamy addition to your favourite recipes. Tocos act as an emulsifier, bringing together sugars and fats/oils together. Tocos will quickly become a staple in your daily routine.

Ingredients: Stabilized Organic Rice Bran Solubles

Country of Origin: United States

Allergy Info: Tocos are packaged in a facility that also processes tree nuts.

Storage Info: Refrigeration not required—though possible with low moisture. Ideally, store in a cool, dark, dry place.

12 ounces bag size

Tocos (Rice Bran Solubles)

Tocos is an incredible superfood and creamy addition to any healthy recipe.

  • Bioavailable source of the Vitamin E complex
  • May promote healthy skin and connective tissues
  • May facilitate the removal of toxins from the body

Derived from the bran of organically grown brown rice, Tocos are known as a super-rich source of the fat-soluble vitamin E complex. The Vitamin E complex is recognized for its ability to support healthy muscles, connective tissue and skin. And unlike vitamin E supplements, which are often synthesized from soybeans and may cause issues for those with certain sensitivities, Tocos comes directly from organic rice. Tocos also contain naturally occurring vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and C, as well as folic acid, biotin, choline, calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, iodine, phosphorous, iron, zinc and more.

Tocos (short for tocotrienols), have become known for supporting skin health, healthy connective tissue and the natural detoxification of the body. But because they’re such a rich source of vitamin E — which is considered by many to decrease cell damage, aid in fertility, and even protect against cognitive decline — Tocos may have a number of other health benefits to experience. Tocos aims to support the connective tissues in our bodies, so they are a wonderful superfood powder to include for those looking for a skin-nourishing addition to their daily routine. 

How to Use: We recommend blending 1-3 tablespoons. in your beverage of choice or consume directly by the spoon-full. Tocos are an excellent addition to tea, coffee, nut milks, smoothies, elixirs and creamy desserts. Tocos rich delicious flavour is similar to vanilla ice cream. One of the underrated benefits of Tocos is the smooth, creamy mouthfeel experience that they provide. It can easily be enjoyed by the spoonful, thanks to its smooth and fluffy texture and palatable flavour. Alternatively, it can be mixed into warm beverages (coffee or tea), smoothies, elixirs, desserts or hot mueslix/cereals. You can even make face masks using Tocos and other natural ingredients, like our NoniLand Honey and Kohlbitr Charcoal.

Our Sources: Our Tocos are sourced from small farms in California and tested for heavy metals by third-party, U.S. verified laboratories. 

What are the health benefits of Tocos?

Since David Wolfe and others introduced Tocos to the Internet over 20 years ago, Tocos have become more and more of a household name, these rice bran solubles are now considered to be life-changing by many avoid supporters. As a bio-available rich source of the vitamin E complex, Tocos are taken mostly for beauty: to support healthy glowing skin and connective tissue. As a powerful antioxidant, Tocos are also considered important for detoxification. Tocos are a naturally occurring form of the vitamin E complex (as well as other nutrients) and as a delicious powdered food (instead of a hardened supplement or tablet), they are received and naturally absorbed by the body.