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Yarrow Essential Oil: 15 Benefits & Uses

Yarrow essential oil, which comes from a perennial herb also known as Achillea Millefolium, is well known throughout Europe. It’s believed to be a remedy for various ailments and diseases, plus has significance within European culture itself. Yarrow juice is sometimes mixed with alcoholic beverages to boost their health benefits. The oil is extracted by means of steam distillation of the dried plant. To learn about the many health benefits yarrow can offer, read below. (1) Yarrow essential oil plants

Here are 15 benefits and uses of yarrow essential oil:

1. Anti-Inflammatory

The benefits of yarrow essential oil are many, and one of them is its ability to treat inflammation. It can address inflammation of any type, such as nasal, respiratory, digestive, or circulatory. Sometimes spicy foods can cause inflammation in the stomach, and venom and narcotics can cause inflammation in the circulatory system. Yarrow oil can offer relief from such instances. (2)

2. Anti-Rheumatic

Yarrow essential oil, promoting circulation is also good for those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. As it improves circulation, it prevents accumulation of uric acid in the joints and muscles, which tremendously helps rheumatism and arthritis patients. Moreover, yarrow oil is diaphoretic, meaning it helps remove these toxins by means of perspiration. (3)

3. Antiseptic

While there are numerous antiseptic creams and lotions you can buy, many of them pale in comparison to yarrow essential oil. Being antibacterial and antifungal, yarrow oil fights off infections and prevents wounds from turning septic. It does this by forming a barrier on the wound, activating the blood platelets and leucocytes in the affected area. (4) Yarrow essential oil antiseptic

4. Anti-Spasmodic

The only way to get rid of spasmodic episodes is to relax the contraction. Yarrow essential oil can make this happen. It has a relaxing effect on muscles, nerves, intestines, and the respiratory system. (5, 6)

5. Astringent

Astringents bring about contractions, in muscles, tissues, and even blood cells, and yarrow oil is known for its astringent properties. This is helpful in many aspects. For example, it helps tighten gums, keeping teeth secure and reversing receding gums. It also strengths hair and treats hair loss. Furthermore, it improves saggy skin, making you look younger. (7)

6. Relieves Flatulence

Yarrow essential oil is also effective in treating flatulence. Referred to as a carminative, yarrow oil removes gas from the intestines by easing them out in a downward motion. This can offer relief from painful and at times embarrassing symptoms. (8)

7. Diminishes Scars

Yarrow essential oil is a cicatrisant, meaning it helps regenerate new skin cells. This is beneficial in diminishing the appearance of scars from acne, eczema, and other skin conditions. (9)

8. Digestive

Yarrow essential oil degestion There are a few different essential oils that can help with digestive issues and yarrow is one of them. It does this by improving the secretion of digestive juices as well as restoring the health of the liver and other digestive organs. (10)

9. Expectorant

Being a powerful expectorant, yarrow oil clears congestion in the chest, bronchi and nose. This helps in treating colds, especially as yarrow oil helps control coughs. (11)

10. Relieves Problematic Menstruation

Yarrow essential oil can also help regulate your period and unblock obstructions. Moreover, it can help with other symptoms of menstruation. For example, it can treat fatigue, headaches, abdominal pains, as well as nausea. It can also help avoid early menopause. (12)

11. Treats Dry Skin

You can use yarrow oil to achieve younger-looking skin. This substance can keep skin from being too dry and reduce cracks as well as infections. (13)

12. Speeds Up Healing Time

A diluted solution containing yarrow oil can help wounds heal faster. This ability is referred to as vulnerary—it can help speed up healing time as well as protect wounds from infections. (14)

13. Tranquilizing

Yarrow essential oil sleep If you suffer from insomnia or are showing signs of excessive stress, you should try using yarrow oil. This potent substance relaxes the nerves, brain and muscles, plus is reduces blood pressure. Using yarrow oil to help you sleep is a much better alternative to using alcohol, narcotics, or sleeping pills, all of which can ruin your health in the long run. (15)

14. Fights Fever

Yarrow oil is also a febrifuge. That means it can help bring down a fever. It does this by promoting perspiration, fighting inflammation, and by fighting infections that can cause a fever. (16)

15. Stops Bleeding

Yarrow has long been used for its ability to stop bleeding. This ability comes from its astringent property, which incites contractions in the hemorrhaging blood vessels. (17)

Caution Regarding Yarrow Essential Oil:

Yarrow oil may show neurotic effects. Furthermore, it can cause headaches and skin irritation if you use it for a long time in high doses. Pregnant women should avoid taking this product orally.