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The Word You See First Reveals Your Subconscious Personality

This quick test will tell you a lot about your personality...

This is the fastest personality quiz ever created. All you have to do is look at the picture and first word that you think fits there can tell you a lot about yourself. The first word the picture makes you see can even tell you about your subconscious personality traits. Is your personality lively or dominating? Do you ever wonder if you're a creative, deep-thinker or an honest person? This quick test can tell you a lot about what type of person you truly are. This short personality quiz comes from The Mind's Journal.

If you see the word LOVER then...

You have a very lively personality:

If the first word you saw was "lover" then you are likely an extrovert. You're likely very talkative and enjoy social situations. You are often seen as the life of the party and you love the attention. Your outgoing personality is something people often compliment you on. You are quite the conversationalist too.

If you see the word LOWER then...

You have a dominating personality:

You are likely a dominating person if you saw the word "lower" first when looking at the picture. People who saw the word lower are much likely to dominate in every situation. You dominate the conversation and give sage advice to people. They take your advice too because they know that you know what you're talking about.

If you see the word LOSER then...

Your personality is honest:

You are that person who just cannot tell a lie. If you saw the word "loser" first, telling a lie just doesn't come naturally to you. In every occasion you decide to go the truthful route - no matter how difficult that might be for you. Telling the truth is worth it in your mind though. You would hate to have to remember all the lies you told. Being honest comes naturally and is much easier for you than anything else.

If you see the word LONER then...

Your personality is deeply analytical:

You spend much of your time in deep thought. Your thoughts are at times all you need to occupy you. You spend a lot of your time analyzing things and it feels good to use your brain. You are not only a deep thinker but highly creative as well. If you saw the word "loner" first then you are probably very mindful and analytical. Sources: The Mind's Journal