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Woman Puts A 'Blessing Box' In Her Front Yard For THIS Important Reason!

It seems like everywhere you look these days, there's bad news. A shooting one day, a bad accident the next. But one woman from Indiana has been showing her neighbors that there is still some good out there. How? With a 'Blessing Box,' that's how! The woman, Jeannetta Presley, recently took a small black cabinet, filled it with various food items and household necessities and then plopped it in her front yard. On the front of the cabinet are a series of labels that read: Blessing Box Take What You Need Bring What You Can How's that for a cool neighborhood project? Of the initiative, Presley said: "Everybody is just trying to survive. If I can give somebody a dinner for one evening, then I did my part for that day, or if I just added something that they didn't have to make dinner, then that's OK, too." The story gets even deeper when you look into Presley's story. She seems to be surrounded by bad news; her niece is a terminal cancer patient and Presley herself suffers from epilepsy. But Presley is not miserable and jaded – far from it! She's actually a retired foster parent who adopted four children. Among them? A young mother and her child. Presley's 'Blessing Box' is just the latest in a long line of kindness.

Learn more about the 'Blessing Box' below! Sources: USA Today