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This Is The Real Reason Why People With Type O Blood Are So Unique

What does one’s blood type have to do with anything besides donating blood and getting a transfusion? Apparently, quite a bit!

Blood Type and Health

Those with an O blood type are more vulnerable to cholera and stomach ulcers caused by viruses and bacteria. This is because that particular blood type is weak against the bacterium Helicobacter pylori which is known to cause peptic ulcers. However, those with O type blood are less likely to die from malaria and contract cancer. (Body and Soul) Fertility may also be affected. Women with type O blood were more likely to have low ovarian reserves, but researchers say this is not a big worry as age is still the biggest factor to consider for fertility. (Reader’s Digest)

Blood Type and Personality

There are some people who believe blood type plays a role in an individual’s personality. This is especially true in Asian countries like Japan and South Korea. People with type O blood are believed to be practical, rule-conscious, and responsible. They are considered excellent leaders with great determination to accomplish their goals. Type O people also tend to be well liked, but desire time alone. Physically, they are strong and may be successful in sports. As far as love goes, they tend to find it with their blood type or with AB blood types. (Psychologia) So that is why O blood types are so unique. They are natural leaders.

I do not have type O blood, so I cannot speak the truth of these personality traits, but what do you think?

Need more info? Take a look a the video below!

What do you think?