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Can You Spell The Top 15 Misspelled Words?

How well can you spell? You probably think you get by pretty well. But studies have shown that 1 in 4 people actually have quite a difficult time with the written English language. Experts attribute this to a lack of proper teaching and too much time spent on social media. And unless you've not been paying attention, you know that social media is overflowing with spelling and grammar errors galore. Of course, there is more to a person than whether or not they have a firm grasp on the English language, but you can't deny it, standards have gone down in recent years. However, there are still a good amount of people who care about proper grammar and spelling. Some even go so far as to double-check their spelling before posting a simple tweet about their day. And then there are those that seem to have a natural ability to spell without the need to check for accuracy. But are they really as good at spelling as they claim to be? So here's the tough question: Are you part of the three out of four, or are you the exception? We can settle it right here, right now. This quick spelling quiz will let you know how well you spell the most commonly butchered words in the English language. Take a deep breath, put your spelling cap on, and let's do this!
So, how'd you do? Are you a master speller, or do you have some work to do? Leave a note in the comments and pass this quiz along to see how your friends fare! Sources: