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Is Your Avocado Brick Solid? Use This Trick to Ripen it Fast

Ever go to the store to get avocados and find that all of them are green, rock-hard and not ready to eat? It seems this is always the case for me. I want to get an avocado that's ripe to eat today, then have one that ripens tomorrow, and one that comes around the next day. Easier said than done. When a grocery store gets a new shipment of avocados, they are all green. You usually buy them unripened, then have to wait to eat them. I tend to buy four avocados at a time, then wait and eat one that's a little too hard, and by the time I eat the last one, it is a bit too ripe and is browning inside. Fortunately, there's a way to ensure that avocados are ripened to perfection, and you can eat one whenever you want! This trick will help you ripen avocados overnight. No more worries about how many avocados to buy at the store, or how long you'll have to wait to eat them. You can ripen the first one overnight and eat it the next day, then repeat for the second and third avocado, or let them ripen by themselves. Regardless of how you use it, this trick will ensure that you get a perfectly ripe, delicious and nutritious avocado each time you want one. So you'll be able to enjoy them more often! Here's What You'll Need:
  1. An apple
  2. An unripe avocado
  3. A brown paper bag
Watch the video to see the process here: Step-By-Step Instructions: 1. Place the apple and the avocado together in the brown paper bag. 2. Next, simply fold over the opening to seal it off. I use a Chip Clip to keep things simple! Let the avocado and apple sit in the bag overnight. That is it! Two easy steps, and in the morning you'll have a ready-to-eat avocado! The apples give off a natural gas known as ethylene, and it speeds up the ripening process so you can enjoy an avocado that next day. This works for corn, bananas and tomatoes as well. Go ahead and give it a shot! Source: