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Do You See Repeating numbers? This Is What It Means For YOU!

Numbers are good for a lot more than telling time or measuring an object. According to the study of numerology, they actually serve as a communication tool between us and the universe. One of the best examples of this is the repeating number phenomenon. In this article, we're going to take a look at each single digit and discuss what a sequence involving multiple instances of it means. Buckle your seat belts – things are about to get cosmic!

Seeing '1'

shutterstock_285177449 In numerology, '1' signifies creation. If you see this digit repeating often around you, it means the path you're about to step onto a new path that will take you farther than you could ever imagine. This may be surprising to you, especially if you feel as if your life has been meaningless. But just remember how much changes between the digits '0' and '1.' The former signifies nothing, while the latter – just one step away – represents the foundation of all the digits that come after it.

Seeing '2'

If you've been seeing repeated '2s' everywhere you go, this is the universe telling you to act on your intuition. Feeling compelled to tell someone how special they are to you? Do it now. If you've been thinking about changing careers, now's the time. You never know how long the window of opportunity will stay open so take advantage of it while you're still seeing '2s.'

Seeing '3'

shutterstock_389702947 If you've been seeing lots of '3s' everywhere, this indicates that you need to spend more time taking care of your full self. This includes your body, mind and spirit – all of which are incredibly important to your overall well-being.

Seeing '4'

Many people report seeing repeated instances of '4' during times of stress. These occurrences are typically accompanied by a feeling of peace and well-being. As such, numerology experts conclude that the number 4 is the universe's way of telling individuals everything will be alright.

Seeing '5'

Numbers The number 5 repeated indicates approaching change. This change is always governed by divine beings, so don't be too afraid. Just keep your head up and prepare for a bit of rockiness before the clear.

Seeing '6'

Seeing 6 everywhere can be pretty disturbing due to the associations humans have made with the digit. It's not necessarily a sign of death and evil, though. According to numerology, the number 6 is actually associated with tenderness and care. If you've been seeing it repeated a lot, this could be the universe trying to tell you to be careful. Tender, caring people are easy targets for narcissists and overly needy people. Make sure you're not extending yourself in a way that compromises your well-being.

Seeing '7'

shutterstock_418119469 Repeated, the number 7 is all about vibration, energy and spirituality. If you see lots of 7s, the universe is trying to tell you to keep up all the good work you've been doing in these areas. Don't get too comfortable in your present state. Keep learning and moving forward.

Seeing '8'

Repeated, the number 8 is all about karma and balance. If you've been seeing it over and over, take care to keep things level in your life. Your finances, relationships or mental health may be leaning too far into the negative.

Seeing '9'

shutterstock_89328718 As the last single digit number, 9 signifies the closing of a chapter. No matter how many times is occurs in a sequence, that sequence will always be just one step away from a major change. If you've been seeing the number '9' repeated, take it as a sign that you need to start gearing up for a new beginning.

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Have you been seeing any particular number repeatedly? Be sure to leave us a note in the comments!

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