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This Quiz Will Reveal The True Color Of Your Personality!

For centuries, humans have been studying the connection between color and the mind. As it turns out, that connection is pretty deep. Color affects everything from our mood to what we think of others and how we spend our money. Interestingly enough, it also describes who we are at a fundamental level. Experts like Dr. Taylor Hartman confirm that all human personality types can be linked to one of a few key colors. Hm, I wonder what my color my personality type is. If only there was a way to quickly find out... Oh wait! There is! Ladies and gentlemen, direct your attention just a few pixels below and you'll see a super-duper Playbuzz quiz. Just answer a few simple questions and the algorithm will help you not only identify your personality type but match it to its corresponding hue as well.

What color did you wind up with? Be sure to pass this post along to your friends to see what they get! Let us know how accurate the quiz was for you.

Sources: Dr. Taylor Hartman