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Mom Has Normal, Stressful Day. Then She Hears Her Daughter's Version Of Events

This cute video showing a "normal day" shows just how magical a mother's relationship with their child can be.

When her husband comes home she tells him it was just a normal day. Another normal day full of young children to chase after and spills and messes for Mom to clean up. When Dad asks his daughter how her day went, she has a very different story for him. This mother's stressful day of shopping, errands, and taking care of two little ones turned out to be a day of pure magic for her daughter. The video is called "A Normal Day" by Story of This Life and they released it as a thank you to mothers everywhere for Mother's Day. This video goes to show that the things a mother does on a daily basis can be magical to the little ones they do it for.

Mom started out her morning comforting her daughter after a nightmare.

Then, Mom had to intervene on a little sibling rivalry:

Mom brought the kids along to go shopping too, carefully loading them into the car even with lots of protesting from her youngest.

Shopping can be difficult with two little ones!

Then, to top it all off, one of her daughters dropped an entire cake on the floor...

What here daughter remembered about the day was a little different. She remembered her mom snuggling with her when she was scared and how it made her feel better.

She says she loves her baby sister so much! Once Mom intervened she learned to love and play with her little sister.

In the cutest way possible she talks about how they laughed "until their bellies hurted!"

She doesn't remember much about shopping but she sure does remember getting lots of kisses along the way there.

Then, the best part of the day, she says they had a "food fight"

Watch the entire video of "a normal day" that turned out to be magical for a young daughter: Sources: Story of This Life