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Lawsuit Claims This Deodorant Causes Severe Rashes & Burns

According to a class action lawsuit, Old Spice deodorant causes chemical burns on customers. Though Procter & Gamble’s website states that the deodorant has “no known effects” post-use, there appears to be evidence to the contrary. The plaintiff in the case, Rodney Colley, claimed that severe rashes formed under his arms after only a few uses. Court papers show pictures of Colley’s seared armpits. The lawsuit states that Colley claims 13 different Old Spice products, including Swagger, Classic Fresh, and Pure Sport High Endurance, are all defective. They have similar formulas and designs. In addition, the lawsuit states that the deodorant’s purpose is not to cause rashes and burns. “The risks associated with the design and formulation of the Old Spice products at issue are more dangerous than a reasonably prudent consumer would expect when used in its intended way,” the class action lawsuit alleges. Colley states that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of online complaints from all across the country, each citing similar grievances. The lawsuit further claims that Procter and Gamble has continued to market and profit off of the popular deodorant, all the while knowing of its potential for harm. According to the suit, the Cinncinnati-based company has chosen to ignore the complaints. According to the lawsuit, Colley’s goal is to force Procter & Gamble to repay future Class Members, specifically from the profits they unethically obtained. “As a direct and proximate result of Old Spice’s pattern and practice with respect to the sale of its deodorant products, consumers were/are personally injured and/or have paid for the use of a full product when in fact they are forced to discard the product after only a few uses and, therefore, are also economically damaged by being deprived the intended use and purpose of the Product,” the lawsuit states. Damon Jones, Procter & Gamble spokesman, told the Cincinnati Enquirer that “a small number of men” suffer from the same burns and rashes as the plaintiff. They attribute this to an “alcohol sensitivity.” This was filed as a class-action lawsuit, which means that, if approved, all class members who purchased Old Spice deodorant between 2012 and the present would receive compensation. Deodorant, in general, contains many harmful ingredients that shouldn’t be allowed to permeate into your skin. It’s filled with parabens, which have been linked to breast cancer, as well as aluminum compounds, which mimic estrogen and promote the growth of breast cancer cells. It also contains silica and triclosan, known skin irritants.

Which deodorant should you use?

We highly recommend natural deodorants that won’t affect your health by being paraben- and aluminum-free.

Our top 4 are:

1. Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant 2. Real Purity Deodorant 3. Truly’s Deodorant for Kids 4. Organic Fields of Heather To research these deodorants and more, you can use a website such as Skin Deep, which is a database that measures toxicity of over 69,000 products and also gives them a safety rating.

Watch the following video to learn more about the Old Spice Class Action Lawsuit: Sources: Cincinnati Enquirer NCBI NCBI EWG Top Class Actions Featured Image