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This Inkblot Test Will Reveal Your True Personality!

Have you ever heard about the 'free associations' method of psychoanalysis? The method was created by good old Sigmund Freud, the father of modern psychology. It attempts to reveal an individual's true nature not by asking them about it pointedly but rather by having them speak freely about a totally unrelated subject. Essentially, this exposes a person's subconscious – where their true nature hangs out. Pretty wild, huh? Yeah, the brain is an awesome place. Now, hey, I know psychoanalysis can get quite expensive. But don't worry, you can reap the benefits of the free associations method from the comfort of your own home for absolutely zero dollars! The method has become so widely accepted that people have made all sorts of cool resources for those looking to dive into it. One such cool resource is the following Playbuzz ink blot quiz. Take a look at the images and fill out the questions. Don't think too hard about the questions – just go with the flow and see what associations come up!

So, how did the test work out for you? Would you say it was accurate? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Don't forget to pass this post along to your friends to see how they do!

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