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This Simple Image Quiz Reveals Your True Personality!

Most people believe the world is made up of skeptics, believers, optimists, and introverts. In a way, they would be right. At least two of these personality types are at the root of everyone's true personality, they just don't know it yet. Skeptics are those who question everything. They doubt preconceived views until they know for certain it is true. Skepticism may seem like a non-desirable personality trait, but it is the skeptics that keep the world moving forward. They keep us all in a constant state of change. They question the status quo. Everyone knows a believer when they see one. They are always there with a word of encouragement. Some may associate believers with Christianity, but believers are truly those who believe something is effective, desirable, or proper. It has worked out before and it should work just as well in the future. Optimists, unlike believers, always believe good with happen. If good doesn't happen right away, the bad happened for a good reason. They can always see the silver lining in any situation. This is both encouraging and, sometimes, a little annoying. Introverts thrive from time alone. However, they also like to spend time with close friends and family. They think powerfully and always take the time to study an entire situation before giving their opinion. This quiet introspection leads many to believe all introverts are shy, but this is not true.

So, what mix of the characteristics above match your true personality?

Take this quiz to find out!