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Fir Needle Essential Oil: 9 Uses & Benefits

Fir needle essential oil is extracted from fir needles using steam distillation. Much like the fir tree, fir needle essential oil has a fresh, woody and earthy scent. The healing properties in fir needle oil are known to fight sore throats and respiratory infections, fatigue, muscle aches, arthritis and more. (1)

Fir Needle Essential Oil Uses

1. Cancer

Studies have shown that fir needle essential oil has anti-tumor characteristics, making it an effective anti-cancer agent. Research suggests that fir needle oil may be a promising natural cancer treatment. (2)

2. Infections

Fir needle oil contains organic compounds that help protect the body against dangerous infections as a natural antibiotic. A homemade balm containing fir needle essential oil can be rubbed into cuts and wounds to kill bacteria and prevent further infection. (3)

3. Aromatherapy

When diffused, fir needle essential oil stimulates the mind and encourages the body to relax. Fir needle oil can help combat stress and fatigue by naturally re-energizing the body.

4. Detoxification

Fir needle essential oil has cleansing properties that trigger the body to release harmful toxins. It can also act as a stimulant to boost metabolism, support digestion and increase heart rate.

5. Pain Relief

Fir needle essential oil has the ability to aid in pain relief. It soothes sore muscles and body aches when applied topically with a carrier agent. Fir needle oil stimulates circulation to bring blood flow to the surface of the skin and speed recovery time. (4)

6. Cleaning

Fir needle oil can add a powerful disinfecting boost to your natural household cleaner. Add a few drops of fir needle essential oil to your household cleaner for a fresh forest-like scent and more powerful disinfecting abilities.

7. Respiratory Function

Fir needle essential oil is known to help heal respiratory issues such as the common cold of flu. The oil relieves congestion and provides and anti-inflammatory effect on the throat. Inhale or diffuse the oil to promote better breathing. (5)

8. Body Odor

The earthy, fresh smell of fir needle oil works as a natural defense against body odor. The oil decreases the amount of bacteria on the body that can cause foul body odor and fungal infections.

9. Broken Bones

Applying fir needle oil topically to a fractured bone can help speed healing. The oil increases circulation to bring blood to the surface and speed up the healing process. Apply fir needle oil with a carrier oil to the affected are three times per day.