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Cannellini Beans: 6 Benefits & Uses

Cannellini beans, which are part of the legume family, are an excellent choice when it comes to a high-fiber and high-protein food. You typically find these beans dry, and they can be used in several different dishes. Cannellini beans benefits include aiding in weight loss as well as preventing certain cancers. Learn what else this nutritious bean can do for your health by reading the list below. Cannellini beans benefits

Cannellini Beans Benefits

1. Help You Lose Weight

One of the more notable cannellini beans benefits is the ability to help you lose weight. They act as alpha amylase inhibitors. These inhibitors prevent your body from absorbing carbohydrates quickly by blocking the enzymes responsible for their digestion. Researchers from Medicus Research LLC studied cannellini beans benefits regarding weight loss. They used the beans to develop a weight loss supplement called Phase 2. In the study, one group took Phase 2 while the other took a placebo. The blood sugar of the participants in the Phase 2 group did not spike after meals. The blood sugar in the placebo group members, however, did spike after meals. (1) Other research indicates further cannellini beans benefits in the weight loss arena. The white bean (another name for cannellini beans) produces an extract responsible for certain body changes. For example, it aids in reduction of body mass index as well as body fat. And it’s able to accomplish these things while maintaining lean body mass. (2) Furthermore, white beans are low in calories but will also keep you full. This makes them a great choice for weight loss goals.

2. Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

As stated above, cannellini beans benefits include research-backed evidence of helping control blood sugar. Other studies have been conducted, as well, regarding the white bean’s role in blood sugar levels. For example, a 2006 study on diabetic and non-diabetic rats involved an oral dose of the amylase inhibitor from white beans. Researchers found a decrease in blood sugar levels with oral doses of the inhibitor. Furthermore, they found an increase of regulating the enzymes that breakdown into sugar. (3) Cannellini beans benefits regarding blood sugar can also be attributed to the bean’s high fiber content. Proper fiber consumption is crucial when it comes to prevention of diabetes. (4)

3. Contribute to a Healthy Heart

Cannellini beans benefits continue with the ability to protect your heart. This is where fiber comes into play again. For example, a large study involving more than 672,000 participants found that high fiber intake is intimately linked with the prevention of coronary heart disease. (5) Plus, the alpha amylase inhibitor that helps with blood sugar levels also reduces triglycerides. These fat cells, found in your body, are produced when your body has calories that it doesn’t have to use for energy right away. Your body stores these cells, then hormones trigger their release when you need more energy. However, if you constantly eat more calories than you need, triglycerides build up and can lead to heart disease. The inhibitor from white beans, researchers found, can help drop triglyceride levels. (6) Furthermore, cannellini beans can also lower bad cholesterol and may help reduce high blood pressure. (7, 8)

4. May Help Fight Cancer

Cannellini beans benefits also include the ability to fight free radicals, thanks to a high level of antioxidants. (9) Additionally, cannellini beans contain polyphenols, which is a type of antioxidant that can decrease your risk of heart disease as well as cancer. (10) These beans also contain ferulic acid, which is known for fighting cancer as well. (11)

5. Protect from Skin Damage

Cannellini beans benefits This is another area where the antioxidants in cannellini beans come into play. The ferulic acid can help prevent sun damage due to the way it protects against oxidative stress. In fact, when added to topical solutions of vitamins C and E, ferulic acid doubled the protection as provided by traditional sunblock. (12)

6. Good for Crohn’s Disease Patients

Cannellini beans benefits continue with the ability to ease symptoms of Crohn’s disease. It's true that for many years it’s been believed that when it comes to Crohn's diease, fiber is not the way to go. However, recent studies points to plant-based dietary fiber may help treat this disease. (13)