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Alaskan Couple Builds Tiny Home With THIS Genius Twist On The Inside!

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. Tiny home builders Ana White and her husband are prime examples of this old adage. Stationed in a remote part of Alaska, Ana and her husband use innovative measures to build tiny homes for their clients, and the results are absolutely outstanding. One of their tiny homes has more storage and is more spacious than what you would think possible.

Many of the features of this amazing tiny home serve double duty, and some of them, triple.

The sectional sofa also serves as extra storage, and it, along with a mobile storage step from the kitchen area, converts into a guest bed. Considering the limited resources available to them, how Ana designed the sofa/storage/guest bed is truly clever. Ana’s remote location makes certain products, such as cushions, more expensive to obtain. Being so, she spliced a foam mattress into three sections and using a converted quilt as a cover, turned them into cushions. Brilliant! It’s easy to see why Ana’s tiny houses are so popular. She excels at meeting her client’s specifications, and she and her husband take pride in their work. The passion for what they do is evident in their beautiful, intelligently-designed products. People choose to live in tiny houses for many reasons, but the most prevalent reasons include environmental concerns, financial concerns, and the desire for more time and freedom. While downsizing might seem a daunting task, people like Ana White and her husband make it easier to switch to the tiny house lifestyle. They understand the need for storage, and they are experts at making the most of the space these tiny houses offer. They also factor in aesthetics; their tiny houses have the perfect balance of form and function. And Ana understands what it’s like to be on a budget. For those who want to build their own tiny home but don’t know where to start, Ana has graciously offered the plans for her houses free of charge.

Allow Ana to give you the full tour of this spectacular tiny home: Sources: The Tiny Life Little Things Tree Hugger