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9 Signs a Deceased Loved One is Still Nearby

Losing a loved one can be devastating and extremely difficult for most people to deal with. However, many people believe death is not the end, and that loved ones can communicate from beyond the grave. Mediums, psychics, authors, or even ordinary people believe they have experienced something that meant a loved one was near. These unexplained experiences and feelings may be a sign of communication from the beyond. There is no scientific proof of communication after death, nor can there ever be, but there are some signs that show up time and time again. One may have even experienced one of these signs and not known what it meant.

Take a look at these 9 signs a deceased loved one is nearby.

1. Smell

child-645434_1280 We associate people with smell, thus catching the scent of your family or friend after they have passed is a sure sign they may be nearby in spirit. It could be their perfume, cologne, cigarette smoke, or even the person’s favorite food.

2. Dreams

Sleeping-girl Wikipedia Dreaming is the perfect time for the loved one you lost to make contact. Many people will dream about friends or family they lost, and this may mean that they are nearby and trying to communicate with you. Some even receive reassuring messages that their loved ones are okay and happy where they are.

3. Displaced or Moved Objects

If objects seem to move on their own into one’s path, it may be a sign a lost loved one is near. This is especially true if the object that moved has sentimental value or is in some way attached to the person one lost. Moving things is something a spirit can do without much effort.

4. Sensing

After one knows somebody for a long period of time, they can typically tell when they are close. This is also true for a loved one’s spirit after they have passed. Many people sense family members or friends after they pass.

5. Musical Timing

Music_listener Wikimedia Another sign a loved one could be close by is music. Specifically, a song that is meaningful to the relationship you shared. It is common to hear these types of songs over and over after a loved one passes and many people believe this is a sign that they are still around.

6. Electrical Activity

Strange electrical activity is commonly seen in ghost movies, but it may also be a real sign that a lost loved one is close. These bizarre occurrences can take many forms, such as a flickering light or television set, an appliance suddenly turning on, or an electronic device inexplicably beginning to beep or make noise. Some go as far as to report phone calls with no one on the other end of the line. (Little Things)

7. Numbers

11314489_a7c52be257_o Flickr Numbers are commonly considered a way for loved ones to communicate from the beyond. These could be favorite numbers, anniversaries, ages, or any other number that has to do with the person one lost. Some believe this is a coincidence, but many don’t.

8. Touch

The feeling of being touched when no one is around is a common and disheartening occurrence. It is also a really strong sign that a lost loved one is trying to make contact. It could be a touch to the shoulder, a kiss, or a pat on the arm. Also, it is common for the energy of the room to change and to feel a sensation of someone being near.

9. Animals

townsend-warbler-bird-in-hand-dendroica-townsendi-725x490 Loved ones, who have passed on, can sometimes use animals to make themselves known. A bird, dragonfly, or any other creature may catch the eye of someone who is grieving. Many people who experience this say the animal seemed familiar. Animals have also been known to approach those who have lost someone. These 9 signs could be a coincidence, or they could be a loved one seeking a connection. Next time you experience one of these, take the time to bask in the moment. You will be happy you did! To learn more about connecting with loved ones who have passed, take a look at the video below! Want to dive deeper into the idea of life after death? Here's a good book to get you started! Source: Little Things Fact Rider