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The 8 Daily Habits You Need To Incorporate Into Your Daily Routine For Optimal Health

Vani Hari, or The Food Babe, is a New York Times best-selling author and activist. She also runs She is highly critical of the current food industry in America, and her campaigns have led certain companies to change or reconsider some of the ingredients they use. Her mission in life is to teach people how to eat and live healthy and to educate them about what foods to avoid.
You can learn more about The Food Babe and her mission below! At the Women's Wellness Conference hosted by David Wolfe in October, The Food Babe talked about 8 daily habits one should incorporate into their daily routine for optimal health.

Here they are!

1. Have a Morning Ritual

It is important for everyone to find a ritual that works for them and stick with it. The Food Babe drinks lemon water with cayenne pepper every morning. Lemon water has many health benefits including reducing inflammation, aiding in digestion, and cleansing the system. Cayenne pepper is great for fighting off colds, metabolism and a whole bunch of other issues.

2. Fast Every Day

According to some sources, "Fasting has a number of health benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, reduced cancer risk, gene repair, and increased longevity." Try to go 12-16 hours a day without eating, but make it so most of this time happens at night. Stop eating about four hours before going to bed and don't eat right away after waking up. Start with a drink! This gives your body time to rest and 8 to 12 hours of eating daily is plenty.

3. Drink Green Every Day

Drink a green vegetable smoothie everyday. Mix in some fruits. Have some fun with it. Here is an excellent recipe!

4. Don't Drink Water with Meals!

A little bit of water to help one swallow food is okay, but don't drink a lot of water with any meal. "Chugging a lot of water during your meal dilutes your blood, making an imbalance of electrolytes that can lead to a condition known as hyponatremia. You’ll suffer from digestive problems, muscle fatigue, and an irregular heartbeat." (Healthy Eating) A small to moderate amount of carbonated water is an exception to the rule. Carbonated water contains carbonic acid that helps begin the digestive cascade.

5. Eat Raw Every Meal

The whole meal does not need to be raw, but some portion of it should be. Start off slow with a salad or some fruit and slowly add more of a variety. Get creative and adventurous. Try new things and see if they are enjoyable.

6. No Refined Sugar

Refined sugar is the worst ever for the body. However, there are natural alternatives one can use instead for any sweetening needs. This includes everything from baking to a morning coffee or tea.

7. Bring Your Own Food

It is not easy to find healthy food on the go, so be prepared. Bring a lunch to work instead of going out or bring a snack along to the beach. This will make it easier to eat healthy because healthy food will be there and one will not have to search for it.

8. Change Where You Shop

Find local markets or food that is locally grown to buy instead of big chain grocery stores. Even better, go to a small locally owned grocery store and ask them about organic options. You will be surprised about where this gets you.

Following these steps will help one feel better inside and out!

Here is a recent interview with the Food Babe and David Wolfe: