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5 Different Types Of Soul Mates You Will Encounter In Your Life!

When you hear the word soulmate, you probably think of the person many of us are looking for. That one person each of us will meet and immediately just know. We'll fall in love, become inseparable and be able to finish each other's sentences. While the true love soulmate does exist, there are other types of soulmates that we often meet along the way. Some come out of nowhere but arrive right when you need them.

At some point in your journey, you'll encounter each of these five types of soulmates:

1. Stranger Soulmate

The stranger soulmate is someone you meet randomly. You might be on a bus ride, in an airport or simply walking down the street when you bump into them. When you see your stranger soulmate, you'll immediately feel as though you recognize them, but you can't place how. This could be someone you met in a past life. Your interaction with your stranger soulmate may be brief, but you will exchange some sort of wisdom that the other person needs to hear. It may be words of validation, a nudge in the right direction or a sense of comfort.

2. Healing Soulmate

This person is a friend who arrives with intention. They show up right when you need them the most and they provide you with valuable life lessons. Your healing soulmate feels the pain you're experiencing and they stay by your side to help you heal. This is a relationship or a friendship that escalates quickly. Even if the relationship doesn't last, this person was there for you when you desperately needed someone, and you will always be thankful for that.

3. Wrecking Ball Soulmate

This type of soulmate comes into your life when you're in need of a change. Their purpose is to shake things up. They challenge you, push you and change your perspective. When you meet your wrecking ball soulmate, it will feel like a rush of love and passion. They'll give you a new outlook and make you think about your life and your plans. Eventually, your wrecking ball soulmate will fall out of your life. But you'll have learned a lot about yourself through the relationship. You'll no longer be afraid to step out of the box or go after your goals.

4. Twin Soulmate

A twin soulmate helps you overcome emotional and spiritual barriers. This is someone who you can talk for hours with, without running out of things to say. You two think alike and finish each other's sentences. You do things together naturally, as a pair. When you meet your twin flame, you'll feel a sense of wholeness. You might feel like you've known them your whole life. Your relationship is natural and easy, and you rarely want to be apart. Your twin soulmate often becomes your best friend.

5. True Love Soulmate

This is the type of soulmate that most people refer to. Your true love or divine love soulmate is the person that you'll spend the rest of your life with if you're lucky enough to find them. This soulmate is a combination of all of the soulmates listed above. You feel like you've known them forever and you understand each other on a deeper level. Your true love soulmate is a passionate and miraculous kind of love that you're experiencing for the first time. If you meet this soulmate, you'll want to hold onto them. Sources: Higher Perspective Mind Body Green Thought Catalog