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4 Things To Ask Yourself When Negativity Takes Over

Negative thoughts have a way of creeping up on us. Especially when we're stressed, nervous about a new situation, or feeling overwhelmed. When we let negative thoughts take over, we run the risk of being pulled down into a painful spiral. Even when we recognize negativity, it can be difficult to control and change. Knowing how to pull yourself out of the negativity is key to overcoming it.

If you need a little help changing your perspective when those negative thoughts arise, ask yourself these four questions:

1. Is It True?

First, ask yourself if what you're worrying about is actually true. The majority of the time, we're pulling from past situations that didn't turn out so well and letting that memory affect the future. Make a conscious effort to become aware of the negativity and work to control it. If you become a slave to the pain in your past, you'll never be able to grow in the future. lonely

2. Are My Thoughts Giving Me Power Or Taking It Away?

What purpose are your negative thoughts serving? Are they providing you with positivity and encouragement, or are they making you self-conscious and dragging you down? Once you realize how much your negative thoughts are taking away from your happiness, you can make a better effort to get rid of them. By thinking positive thoughts, you can empower yourself, which can drastically improve your level of happiness and your quality of life.

3. Am I Avoiding Something That Needs To Be Addressed?

Sometimes, negative thoughts stem from a past trauma that we've been trying to keep hidden away. Find the source of your thoughts. If they come from pain you experienced in the past that you've never dealt with, it may be time to deal with the problem. It might be painful at first, but once you let go of your pain, you will no longer be a slave to the things holding you back. sad girl

4. How Can I Use This Experience To Better My Life?

Every experience, whether you view it as positive or negative, serves a purpose. Our experiences often come with a lesson to be learned. If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, look deep enough to find the lesson underneath. Instead of focusing on the negatives in the situation, turn your mind to the positives. Make a decision. Either you will let your experiences change you and break you, or you will learn from them and turn them into something you can learn from. Sources: Power of Positivity Huffington Post Psych Central Life Hack Save Save Save