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4 Signs You're Dating An Emotional Psychopath

If your emotions have been running haywire ever since you started dating your significant other, there's a good chance you're in a relationship with an emotional psychopath. This type of person constantly blames you for everything, criticizes and demeans you, and makes you question your own sanity. All of the crying and apologizing you're doing can make it difficult to see who is really at fault.

Here are four signs you're dating an emotional psychopath:

1. They Blame You For Everything

emotional psychopath A tell-tale sign that someone is emotionally unstable is not taking responsibility for their actions. If your partner is constantly blaming you for every hiccup in the relationship, it's a sign that they aren't mature enough to accept when they've done something wrong. Even when something is clearly their fault, they will do everything they can to twist the situation and manipulate you into thinking that you are to blame.

2. They Make You Feel Bad About Yourself

emotional psychopath An emotional psycho is a pro at bringing other people down. They will criticize everything from your job and your hobbies to your actions and your appearance. They could care less about hurting your feelings. In fact, they purposefully say things to make you upset because they are so miserable on the inside, that they project their feelings onto you.

3. They Control Who You Talk To

emotional psychopath A common manipulation tactic of an emotional psycho is to control who you talk to and who you spend your time with. They try to limit your communication with your friends and family members because they want to be the center of your world. Once they make you believe you can't possibly survive without them, they have full control.

4. They Provoke Arguments

emotional psychopath An emotional psycho provokes arguments in order to get an emotional reaction from you. They constantly do things that make you doubt your own sanity. Since the beginning of your relationship, you might feel like you've apologized and cried more than you ever have. That's because of the constant guilt trips your partner takes on you. Their emotional psychosis has literally drained the life out of you, and you're left wondering how it happened.
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