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10 Things Only Leos Will Understand

If you were born between July 23rd and August 22nd, first of all – happy belated or upcoming birthday! Your sign is Leo, which is represented by the lion. You share many characteristics with the king of the jungle, including loyalty, strength and determination.

As with any astrological sign, there are some things about Leos that only other Leos will relate to. Here are 10!

1. You don't needto have people around – you only stay close to people you enjoy.

shutterstock_179036972 As a Leo, you're independent and self-sufficient. Still, you appreciate being accompanied on life's journey by trustworthy allies.

2. It's not that you must have control; people just tend to entrust you with it.

Your strength and determination make people very comfortable when you're at the controls.

3. It's not your intention to exude sexuality. People only think that because you're confident.

shutterstock_106790315 As a Leo, you possess an incredible amount of charisma and confidence. As a result, people can't help but be attracted to you.

4. You can't help but be brutally honest.

Leos are very headstrong and will address problems as they see them. Many people interpret it as rudeness, but if you're a Leo, you understand that's not the intention at all.

5. Image is very important.

shutterstock_386563972 While other zodiacs might not be too concerned with how other people see them, as a Leo, you understand that maintaining a positive image is a key part of being a leader.

6. When people tell you to calm down, it has the opposite effect.

Like the lion that represents you, you're fierce. When you're upset, it's because you see a threat. When people invalidate your feelings and act as if you're overreacting, this upsets you further.

7. Your confidence does not mean you lack sensitivity.

shutterstock_354712925 Harsh compliments from people you love can pierce right through your armor with alarming effectiveness.

8. Although you'll never say it, you do think you're better than many other people.

There's a reason people tend to think of Leos as egotistical. Your charisma, attractiveness and ability to control situations gets to your head, if even just a little bit.

9. Your friends are your family.

shutterstock_259904351 Because you're so selective about who you keep around you, the people you do choose invariably become much more than just friends. They become true lifelong allies.

10. You are your favorite person.

Your confidence and ability to make beneficial decisions don't just make you a very strong companion for those around you; it also makes you a strong companion for yourself.

Did you relate to these statements? Share this post with all of your Leo friends to see if they relate as well!

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