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10 Reasons You Shouldn't (or Should) Date an Outdoor Girl

While the male gender tends to be associated with the "outdoorsy, rough and tumble" stereotype, there are in fact females that absolutely love the great outdoors. This may come as a shock to some, but not all women would rather be in a shopping mall than at a campsite. There are many women who enjoy being outdoors, and these women (whether it's horseback riding, fishing, riding four-wheelers, camping or simply exploring the great unknown) often have a list of character traits that many men may find intimidating. So to all of the guys reading this — here are 10 reasons you absolutely do not want to date an outdoor girl (wink, wink):

1. She's Much Too Adventurous

Forget sitting still for a long length of time. That three-hour movie premiere you wanted to go to might not happen. An outdoor girl is always looking for her next adventure. Sitting indoors just makes her wonder what new adventures she could be finding in in nature.

2. She's Way Too Easy-going

You won't get her fired up about small things, because she usually looks at the big picture. A little rain isn't going to ruin her day, and if she forgot to pack water on her hiking trip - all the more reason to search for a hidden natural spring!

3. She Constantly Wants to Try New Things

Doing the same thing every Friday night won't cut it for an outdoor chick. She's not exactly the "Netflix and chill" type. When the weekend rolls around, chances are she already has an adventure in mind, so you'll need to be prepared to roll with the punches.

4. She's Pretty Experienced

An outdoor girl is a leader. She'll make a path through an overgrown trail, she can tie her own knots and build her own campfire. Taking the reins from her won't be an easy task - if it's even at all possible. You'll have to let her lead.

5. She's Very Well-Prepared

Her backpack will probably be full of things you never even considered bringing on a trip. She knows what to pack for her excursions... including snacks. shutterstock_379979572

6. She's Not Materialistic

Don't expect an outdoor girl to be ready to go with her hair curled and a full face of makeup. Outdoor girls prefer to do things au natural. She will choose unforgettable experiences over gifts, and the jewelry she prefers will be handmade, not something found in a store.

7. She's Fiercely Independent

An outdoor girl is on a path, but she's not quite sure where that path leads. Either way, she's prepared to travel it on her own. She won't need you by her side, but she will want you there to experience new things with her.

8. She's Extremely Supportive

An outdoor girl understands that you have dreams and ambitions just like she does, and she will be there every step of the way to help you reach your goals. She will push you and challenge you, and keep you motivated to make sure you are just as happy as she is.

9. She's Too Positive

On the darkest of days, an outdoor girl can find a way to turn a bad situation around and show you the positivity that's hiding within. She will constantly want to turn everything into a game, and make light of a negative situation to make sure that those around her are happy.

10. She's Too Wild to Tame

Don't date an outdoor girl. Chances are she has a free spirit and a gypsy soul, and you'll never be able to tame her. shutterstock_376235194 h/t: we are wildness