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C60 Avocado Oil Benefits: Is It Safe?

The cosmetics industry has been using C60 for years. However, it wasn't until recently that supplements containing the fullerene hit the market. These supplements typically combine C60 with oils that may increase its benefits or compliment them. C60 Avocado Oil benefits fit this mold, with the oil and C60 compound working together to create a great all-around health supplement.

Avocado Oil Benefits

Roughly 70% of avocado oil is made up of oleic acid. (1)

Oleic acid is a healthy fat that blocks cholesterol transportation in your small intestine, boosts your body's heart-protective functions and helps your immune cells better identify inflammation. (2, 3)

Oleic acid also increases the concentration of GABA around your brain cells. GABA has many positive effects on your brain, including reduced anxiety and insomnia. (4)

Avocado oil's benefits go beyond oleic acid, too. It also contains the anti-oxidative protein lutein.

Lutein benefits your eyesight and may reduce your risk for cataracts and macular degeneration. (5)

Further, avocado oil may also reduce arthritis symptoms, including stiffness. (6) Research has found it to be particularly helpful for people who experience osteoarthritis of the hip and knee. (7)

Additionally, research suggests that avocado oil may help speed up healing from skin injuries. One study of 13 patients found that an avocado oil cream improved psoriasis symptoms within 12 weeks. (8)

Last – but certainly not least – avocado oil may prevent gum disease. It does this by blocking a protein called IL1B, which is responsible for destroying tissue and bone as part of gum disease. (9)

C60 Avocado Oil Benefits

The process through which we create C60 Avocado Oil maintains all of the above benefits. 

Thus, C60 Avocado Oil benefits the body in ways that aren't just limited to C60's inherent benefits but include all of avocado oil's as well.

C60 currently holds the world record for longevity in mice. Through a 2011 study by French researcher Fathi Moussa, we know that C60 holds the world record for longevity in mice. (10)

In the study, researchers found that C60 is able to increase the lifespan of mice by as much as 95%.

The fullerene very easily crosses the cell membrane, allowing its anti-aging, anti-oxidant capabilities to permeate throughout your body.

C60's studied health benefits include: 

  • Protection against free radicals, which can enter your body through both environmental and dietary exposure
  • Reduced inflammation, including inflammation related to arthritis and other joint-related illnesses
  • Destruction of iridoviruses, which insects carry
  • Osteoarthritis prevention
  • Protection from UV damage

All of these benefits greatly compliment the benefits of avocado oil.

Is C60 Avocado Oil Safe?

Scientists responsible for research into C60 – most of which has focused on C60 Olive Oil – appear certain that it does not have any toxic effects on the human body. In fact, it appears to be one of the least toxic compounds we know of.

That said, as with anything, there are still some precautions worth mentioning.

For example, taking unusually high amounts of C60 – especially poorly-mixed C60 – may cause your DNA to unravel. This sounds a lot scarier than it actually is. In fact, research suggests that unravelled DNA may actually repair more easily. 

Researchers have actually noted that mice lacking enzymes that unwind DNA tend to have shorter lives. (11)

It is also worth noting that scientists have conducted very little research into the effects of C60 mixed with oils other than olive oil. 

As a powerful detoxifying agent, C60 may affect your body's consumption of medications. Please be sure to follow up with a doctor before taking C60 Avocado Oil, which is something you should be doing before taking any supplement.

Avocado oil may cause a skin reaction for some people who happen to be allergic to it. This reaction can include itching and a red rash. You should avoid using avocado oil if you are pregnant, prone to hypersensitivity or latex sensitive. (12)

Avocado oil does also have a high omega-6 to omega-3 ratio. Taking too much omega 6 can cause high blood pressure, including blood clots. This should not be an issue with normal avocado oil consumption at the levels we recommend; avocado oil contains very little overall omega 6 and you'd have to consume quite a bit of it to run into any issues. (13)

In fact, in smaller quantities, omega 6 fatty acids are actually good for your health.


C60 Avocado Oil benefits the body in a number of powerful ways, thanks to its two main ingredients. These C60 avocado oil benefits include increased heart function, brain function, protection from age-related eye damage, reduced inflammation and more.

Start reaping these benefits today with C60 Avocado Oil, available in The David Wolfe Shop!