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Rallis Organic Olive Oil


Rallis Organic Olive Oil

Fresh and ice-pressed from a family-farm in Greece.

12 fl oz. / 375 ml

"I met the Rallis brothers in Ontario, Canada over a decade ago. Their farm-made Greek olive oil (from their farm in the Peloponnesus) captured my attention immediately. Over the years, I have often had them and their wonderful family olive oil at my events. I can attest, first-hand, that their ice-pressing system is the best olive oil pressing system I have ever seen in the world. A phenomenal, fresh olive oil that you can trust!" ~ David 'Avocado' Wolfe

Rallis Olive Oil has a raw, green-yellow (oleorupein) flavour with that natural peppery after-bite characteristic of an authentic Greek Olive Oil.

Rallis ice-pressed® olive oil is a great addition to fruits, salads, smoothies, veggies or dishes of all types. This olive oil is one of the best culinary oils in the world. 

Each bottle of award-winning Rallis Olive Oil is:


Each harvest, Rallis Olive Oil is consistently classified as a High Polyphenolic Olive Oil. Rallis polyphenols are naturally occurring. No chemically-derived polyphenols are added.

Polyphenol Content in Olive Oil

Our good friend Dr. Edward Group recently had a test done on the polyphenol content of a few select olive oils.

Both the Rallis and Acropolis Olive Oil tested extremely high and we wanted to share these results. This is why we choose to carry both of these olive oils!

Enzo Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Total Polyphenols 0.25mg/g

Ice Pressed Olive Oil Rallis - Total Polyphenols 0.31mg/g

Carapellis Unflitered Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold-pressed - Total Polyphenols 0.36mg/g

Global Essence Organic Olive Oil - Total Polyphenols 0.39mg/g

David Wolfe - Acropolis Olive Oil - Total Polyphenols 0.43 mg/g



Rallis presses their olives ice cold to literally create a truly RAW olive oil that actually tastes like olives!


This means that there is only Rallis Olive Oil in the bottle. There is no blending of Rallis with any other olive oil or type of oil. 


Our bottles will have a little bit of sediment in the bottom because we don’t filter our oil. There are valuable nutrients in the sediment that we pass along to you!


Rallis Olive Oil is certified organic and certified non-GMO. These olives and the processing facility are located on a family farm in the Peloponesus of Greece near ancient Sparta. 

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