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Ways To Use C60 Topically

There are many ways to use C60 olive oil topically.

While much of the hype surrounding the mixture concerns its efficacy at increasing lifespan, reducing inflammation and more when ingested, topical use can provide a number of benefits as well. 

Without further ado, let's explore the ways to use C60 topically for beauty.

Ways To Use C60 Topically

For Hair Growth

C60 Hair Loss

You may know that several significant studies have shown C60 olive oil to be effective at increasing the lifespan of mammals (1).

You may not know, however, that research has also shown it to be effective at combatting hair loss.

According to the Japanese Vitamin C60 BioResearch Corporation, a C60 fullerene solution increased hair growth by 16% among male test subjects (2).

The study took place over a six month period. Researchers believe that C60 aided in hair growth by protecting the cells around hair follicles from oxidative damage.

For Reduced Wrinkles

In 2010 (3), researchers topically applied a C60 fullerene mixture to 23 Japanese women in their late 30s. The study proved that the solution was significantly more effective at reducing wrinkles than the placebo was.

The study was randomized, double-blind and took place over an eight-week period. Researchers also confirmed that they observed no adverse side effects as a result of the C60 treatment.

To Combat Acne

C60 Acne Reduction

Through a 2014 study (4), researchers discovered that a topically-applied C60 fullerene solution reduced the number of acne boils on test subjects by a whopping 87.6%.

This fact becomes even more impressive when you consider that the study only lasted eight weeks.

Researchers theorize that C60 combats acne by reducing the neutrophil buildup and sebum production associated with the unsightly marks.

Much More!

This is a just a small taste of the reported benefits of using C60 topically. Other reported benefits include:

  • Pore tightening
  • Melanin control
  • Anti-aging

Is C60 Safe?

Given the apparent power of C60 olive oil, it's only fair to ask if the stuff is truly safe.

After all, many of the conventional medical solutions that provide the aforementioned benefits come with all sorts of side effects.

A number of health experts, however, state that C60 is safe for both consumption and topical use.

Fathi Moussa, one of the researchers who first discovered C60's efficacy as an anti-aging solution, claimed in the interview below that C60 has absolutely no toxic effects.

Dr. Leslie Baumann (5), in addition to confirming C60's usefulness as a beauty aid, also claims that it is totally safe for use.

Citing numerous studies, she states that there has been no skin irritation, sensitization, photosensitization or other toxic effects associated with C60's use.

That said, there are still some considerations you need to take before using C60 topically.

For one, C60 will temporarily stain your clothes. Be aware of this and consider wearing spare clothes when applying it. 

C60 will also leave a temporary mark on your skin until your body absorbs as much of it as possible.

For topical use, it is recommended that you apply the C60 in the morning after showering and leave it in place until your next shower, be it at the end of the day or the next morning.

If you have specific areas of your skin you'd like to target, such as acne pimples or your scalp, apply a thin layer of the C60 directly there.

Applying too thick a layer can result in the C60 caking up and flaking off your skin before your body has a chance to absorb it.

Fact: C60 Has Been Used In Cosmetics For Much Longer Than You Think

C60 Topical Use

While C60 didn't gain mass popularity and hype as a supplement until the 2011 study proving its ability to increase mammals' lifespan, it's actually been around in cosmetics for quite a while.

According to The Cosmetic Chemist (6), one of C60's hallmark features is the ease with which it can penetrate the skin.

Once there, it does a number of things, including fighting free radicals and oxidative damage and protecting cells.

These effects are the source of many of C60 olive oil's benefits, beauty and otherwise.

It's also the reason C60 has appeared so frequently in many cosmetics. One 2011 study (7) found C60 fullerenes to be present in four commercial cosmetic products.

The Good News About Topical C60 Use

You don't have to buy chemical-laden commercial cosmetic products to reap the benefits of using C60 topically.

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Mixed with organic, high-quality olive oil, our propietary Wolfe-Carbon-Detox blend is guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Further, the proprietary Wolfe-Carbon-Detox formula is fit for use both topically and internally. That's right – you don't have to buy multiple formulas!

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