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Frequently Asked Questions

Will David be doing an event in my town soon? Please consult David “Avocado” Wolfe’s Event Calendar to see where his events are scheduled.

Where can I get all the amazing products that David promotes? 
You can find the products that David endorses at the Longevity Warehouse® Online Super Store: The products you’ll find here include Grounding Technology (e.g. grounded pads); Organic Foods, Superfoods, Superherbs & Medicinal Mushrooms; Longevity Technologies such as Zappers; David Wolfe’s Books & Programs.

For customer support, product questions or to place an order contact our team at the Longevity Warehouse®.

To view the Longevity Warehouse® FAQ, or to submit an email support ticket, please click HERE



Hours: Monday – Friday, 7am – 3pm, Pacific Time/10am – 6pm Eastern Time

Where can I buy David’s Chocolate Bars? You may find David’s chocolate here:Sacred Chocolate.

Where can I learn more about supporting the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation? Find complete info on the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation at:

Where can I further my education with cutting edge health & longevity curriculum? The Body Mind Institute and David “Avocado” Wolfe have joined forces in the most innovative multimedia educational experience to ever appear on the Internet: The Raw Nutrition Certification Course. Sign up today to get the complete raw-foods, superfoods, superherbs, and spring water education curriculum. Download the cutting edge in education while furthering your education and Having The Best Day Ever! All from home! Check it out!

What other Nutrition Courses do you recommend? David also recommends studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). Now entirely online! Click HERE for more information:

If I cannot find a spring near my home and I have to buy spring water, what should I look for?We recommend always buying spring water that has been bottled in glass. One of the best commercially available spring waters is Castle Rock Water Company.

I would like to ask David some questions about my health – what is the best way to do this?The best way to ask David your questions is to attend a live event, workshop or retreat – see to learn when he’ll be in your area.

You can also join David Wolfe’s membership website, for only $9.99 for the first month ($14.99 there after). Become a member of and gain access to dozens of audio interviews with David Wolfe, as well as interview transcriptions, recipes, access to David’s secret library and much more.

I’d like to purchase David’s books – where can I do this? David has written several books that are available on

****Please note that for legal reasons we cannot give out medical advice. Please consult a skilled, licensed health practitioners for diagnosis and treatments of disease & ailments.****

We hope this information will be supportive in your search for answers. Wishing you The Best Day EVER…!!

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