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Fullerenol — Miracle C60 Molecule

David🥑Wolfe Fullerenol - Miracle C60 Molecule

Laboratory-Grade Water-Soluble C60

Antioxidant Supreme

C60 Suspended in Water

BioAvailable C60

Up to 100 Times as Powerful as Traditional Antioxidants

Neutralization of Toxins

100ml (milliliters) in Miron Glass. Easy for Travel. Portable.

How to Use

Consume 1-6 droppersfull as desired per day. The higher the free radical exposure (high altitude flying, extreme sun exposure, high electromagnetic exposure in computerized work environments, etc.), the more of a dosage one should take. Both internal and topical uses for Fullerenol are possible.

This product is best to consume by itself, although 1-2 droppersfull added to drinking water may be used to structure and enhance that water. 

Internal (Microbiome) and Topical (Skin) uses of Fullerenol are both Recommended.


This product is 'solvent-free'. No solvent is used at ANY part of the process of creating this product. The C60 is suspended in distilled water.

There are only two ingredients: Water (distilled), Fullerenol (Water-Soluble C60). 

Fullerenol & C60

Some research suggests that Fullerenol could have Neuroprotective effects (especially protective of the skin) and may be used in treatment of common neurological disorders.

C60 is a strong antioxidant (debatably, the strongest ever discovered) and protects against radiation and free radical damage. More than ever, now is an important time to protect your body against radiation being emitted by devices as energy, by industry as molecules and chemicals and by exposure to the Sun and the elements. C60 provides antioxidant support, protecting against free radical damage and slowing the aging process.

Water solubility allows for Superior BioDistribution of Fullerene molecules. C60 fullerene suspended in water is estimated to be 10 times more bio-available than C60 in oil. Fathi Moussa, the lead researcher in the famous 2011 Toxicology (longevity) Study on C60 believed it was C60's ability to BioDistribute that was the key to its effectiveness.

This product is difficult to manufacture and produce. Due to these challenges, a consistent supply is uncertain. First come, first serve.


Common Empirical Formula (Hill Notation):

C60(OH)n (n>40)

Our Product is:



Packaged in 100 ml Miron Glass (you get twice the amount as the 50ml Miron Glass bottles!)


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Customer Reviews

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I absolutely love this stuff and wish it came by the gallon because I just drink it all day every day. Nice job David! Maybe you and Ed can make a blend like this with the ozone needed charcoal?