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Acropolis Organic Olive Oil 1 Liter

Acropolis Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 liter)

"This is the best tasting and most medicinal olive oil I have ever found in the world. Try it and you'll know why! I eventually met the family behind this extraordinary product. This olive oil is created and distributed by a family-run operation." ~ David Avocado Wolfe

This award-winning Greek Olive Oil from the Greek Island of Crete is made with superior Koroneiki olives and ecological farming methods, this artisanal Extra Virgin Olive Oil is smooth and buttery with a bold aroma, attesting to the high quality of its ingredients. The region where this oil is grown and created is the home of a 4000 year old olive tree. 

This olive oil is never adulterated with other oils or contaminated with chemicals or preservatives (like all of Acropolis' products).

This Bio-Harvest Series is a sustainably-farmed Extra Virgin Olive Oil with an unbeatable value! It has all the taste and ecological positioning of our organic farming series, without the logo. 

  • Smooth and buttery flavour
  • No chemicals, preservatives or other oils
  • Sustainably farmed for an unbeatable value

This product is packaged in Glass.


Polyphenol Content in Olive Oil

Our good friend Dr. Edward Group recently had a test done on the polyphenol content of a few select olive oils. 

Both the Rallis and Acropolis Olive Oil tested extremely high and we wanted to share these results. This is why we choose to carry both of these olive oils!

Enzo Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Total Polyphenols 0.25mg/g

Ice Pressed Olive Oil Rallis - Total Polyphenols 0.31mg/g

Carapellis Unflitered Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold-pressed - Total Polyphenols 0.36mg/g

Global Essence Organic Olive Oil - Total Polyphenols 0.39mg/g

David Wolfe - Acropolis Olive Oil - Total Polyphenols 0.43 mg/g


Bioharvest Series 

Bio-Harvest Agriculture is an all-natural and sustainably-sourced farming system. It allows us to uphold our commitment to providing products that are free of industrial fertilizers and toxic pesticides in a more cost effective way.

Bioharvest agriculture retains the integrity and ecological benefits of organic farming without the overpriced organic certification logo.   

  • Low acidity which is an indicator of optimal quality and higher nutrients
  • Monovarietal Koroneiki Olives,  known as “the king of olives”
  • Handpicked harvest that is cold-pressed within hours for maximum flavor

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Best products EVER and super healthy!

Lora MacKinnon
Top shelf olive oil!

Very high quality and we should expect no less than from David Wolfe’s discerning taste! Superb taste & smooth finish, this will be a staple on my table.

The Best EVOO Ever!

Not only is this olive oil wonderful to cook with, it also makes delicious salad dressings and wonderful bread dippers! Forever my favorite kitchen staple. I can’t recommend it enough!


Best olive oil of all time